20 terms

state law #2

concering prescription records requirements, ----------------cannot be accepted as valid prescriptions to be filled
prescription copies or labels
in an emergengy refill, if the prescriber is not available and the pharmacist judges an emergency need, the pharmacist may dispense enough medication to last untill the prescriber is contacted. The amount dispensed must not exceed a --------- supply and the prescriber must be notified.
72 hours
Concering adequate stock, the pharmacy must maintain at all times a representative assortment of drugs in order to meet the pharmaceutical needs of its patients. All merchandise which has exceeded its expiration date must------------.
be removed from stock.
All stock on display for sale must be------------
free from contamination, deterioration, and adulteration.
All stock must be ---------- according to federal and state regulations.
properly labeled
Devices not fit or approved by the FDA for sale must be ?
removed from stock.
All drugs are stored according to USP standards are protected from excess heat or freezing. The expections are------------- in accordance with label requirements.
those drugs that must be frozen
All pharmacies are subject to periodic inspections for what purpose?
to determine compliance with the laws regulating the practice of pharmacy
a pharmacy inspection rating of 90 to 100 indicates wich classification.
class A
A pharmacy inspection rating of 80 to 89 indicates which classification
For a conditional classification, what are the conditions for the pharmacy to improve its rating.
have 60 days to raise its score to 90 or better.
A pharmacy inspection rating for scores below 80 indicatess which classification?
For unsatisfactory classification, what are the conditions for the pharmacy to improve its rating.
have 14 days to raise its score to 90 or better
What are the conditions that every pharmacy operating in this state must comply with concerning poison control
must have the phone number to the nearest poison control center available and a bottle of Ipecac syrup in stock at all times
Federal law requires that all legend drugs be dispensed in a ------------- unless authorization is received from the patient, a representative of the patient, or from the prescriber.
child resistant container
It is unlawful for any person to ----------- any legend drug except upon the order or prescription of a physician
sell, deliver, or possess
What are the requirements for someone to have legal possession of legend drugs
must be issued for a ligitimate medical purpose nby someone authorized to prescribe.
The labeling requirements on legend drugs containers must include the prescriber name, directions for use, drug name and strength, patients name, and date. Which items may be omitted by the prescriber if he determines that the patient should not have this information.
drug name and dosage strength
When referring to substitution of prescription drugs, what is the meaning of the administration of a "therapeutically equivalent" medication.
the same efficacy and toxicity when administered in the same dosing regimen
How is the substitution of a therapeutically equivalent generic drug indicated on a written prescription
by the practitioner's signature on the line indicating "substitution permitted"