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The organized pattern or sequence of events that make up a story.


Occurs at the beginning of a short story. The characters, setting and main conflict of the story are introduced.

Rising Action

This part of the story begins to develop the conflict(s). A building of interest or suspense occurs.


The protagonist faces the conflict and a change occurs. The highest point of interest in the story.

Falling Action

All loose ends of the plot are tied up.


The story is concluded.


When and where the story takes place


Main/central character.


The person or force that the protagonist is against (can be a character or a more universal force such as society).


The problem and who the problem is between. Can be internal or external.

1st Person Point of View

Told from a character within the story or related to the story. The narrator uses words like I, me and my.

3rd Person Point of View

Told from a voice outside the story also known as a narrator.

3rd Person Limited Point of View

Told from a "voice" outside the story that can give intimate details of ONE character's feelings and actions. The narrator uses words like he, she and they.

3rd Person Omniscient Point of View

Told from a voice outside the story which is an all seeing & all knowing narrator. The narrator uses words like he, she and they.


The author's central message, concern, or idea in a literary work. Not the same as main idea.

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