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From "Vergil Vocabulary Cards for AP Selections" by Dennis De Young (with thanks to Alex Krall for the gift of this book!)

before (adverb)

ante (adverb)

around (adverb)

circum (adverb)

Aeneas, son of Anchises (noun)

Aenēās, Aenēae, m.

column, line; army (noun)

agmen, agminis, n.

the sea, heaven (noun)

altum, altī, n.

love, affection; Cupid (noun)

amor, amōris, m.

spirit, heart, mind (noun)

animus, animī, m.

altar (noun)

āra, ārae, f.

arms, weapons (noun)

arma, armōrum, n. pl.

citadel = fortress usually on a hill (noun)

arx, arcis, f.

air, breeze, wind (noun)

aura, aurae, f.

gold (noun)

aurum, aurī, n.

war, combat (noun)

bellum, bellī, n.

sky, heaven (noun)

caelum, caelī, n.

head (noun)

caput, capitis, n.

fleet (noun)

classis, classis, f.

spouse, husband or wife (noun)

coniūnx, coniugis, m./f.

body (noun)

corpus, corporis, n.

care, concern, worry (noun)

cūra, cūrae, f.

goddess (noun)

dea, deae, f.

someone, anyone (pronoun)

aliquis, aliquis, aliquid

another, other, else (adjective)

alius, alia, aliud

high, deep (adjective)

altus, alta, altum

away from, by (preposition + abl.)

ā, ab (plus ablative)

to, toward, near; at (preposition + acc.)

ad (plus accusative)

before, in front of (preposition + acc.)

ante (plus accusative)

around (preposition + acc.)

circum (plus accusative)

with (preposition + abl.)

cum (plus ablative)

down from; concerning (preposition + abl.)

dē (plus ablative)

and also (conjunction)

ac, atque

but (conjunction)


or (conjunction)


either . . . or (conjunction)

aut . . . aut

when, since, although (conjunction)

cum (conjunction)

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