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approximately 1 % of whole blood

in a normal hematocrit,the buffy coat accounts for


which of the following is generally used to cleanse the skin before drawing blood


inaccurate test results may occur in certain tests when what is used to prepare the skin prior to venipuncture

give the patient a high carbohydrate drink immediately after the first blood draw

which of the following would be part of the preparation for an oral glucose tolerance

soap and water

which of the following is used to prepare the skin before a venipuncture when alcohol causes inaccurate results for certain tests


after how many unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a good blood sample should you seek assistance from your supervisor or the doctor

the heel

the best site for drawing blood from an infant is

gather your supplies and samples quickly as possible to avoid alarming the child with blood-collection tubes

which of the following is important when drawing blood from children

recognize changes in skin conditions that increase bruising

which of the following is important when drawing blood from an elderly patient

median cubital and cephalic veins

the most common sites for venipuncture are the

fluid and electrolyte imbalances

blood test for potassium and sodium identify


an erythrocyte count(RBC) test is used to identify

kidney disorders

a blood urea nitrogen(BUN) test is used to identify

cleanse the venipuncture site using a circular motion starting at the center and working outward

which of the following would you include when preparing a venipuncture site

insert the needle at 15 degree angle with the bevel side up

which of the following would you include when performing a venipuncture using an evacuation system


which of the following is used in the capillary puncture technique

the patients non-dominant hand is used for this procedure

which of the following is characteristic of the capillary puncture

the needle and syringe system

which method of drawing blood would you use on a patient with small or fragile veins

the capillary puncture

which procedure for obtaining a blood sample in adults and children is usually performed on the middle or ring finger

the evacuation system

which blood collection device uses interchanageable collection tubes that allow you o draw several blood specimens from the same venipuncture site

they are small disposable instruments with a sharp point used to puncture the skin

which of the following us characteristics of lancets


a small calibrated glass tube that holds a precise volume of fluid is called a

136-145 mEq/l

the normal sodium blood level is

11-15 seconds

normal prothrombin time (PT) is

3.5-5.1 mEq/l

the normal range for potassium in the blood is

74-120 mg/dl

the normal blood glucose level is

total cholesterol

which blood test identifies coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis

uric acid

gout is identified by which type of blood test

sharps container

a puncture resistant leak-proof container used to dispose of needles,lancets,and other sharp objects is called a

all of the choices

which of the following factors result in failure to draw blood during venipuncture

HIV infection

enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) and western blot test are used to confirm which of the following disorders


a substance that when present on the surface of red blood cells causes the formation antibodies that interact specifically with it are called


which of the following is a special piece of equipment that allows one to count blood cells by examining a diluted blood sample under a microscope

hematocrit determination

which of the following identifies how much of the volume of a sample is made up of red blood cells after the sample has been spun in a centrifuge

analyze hormone levels

to evaluate the endrocine system, one would

all of the choices

which of the following may cause changes in basal state

a differential

a percentage of each type of white blood cell in a total of 100 white cells observed is referred to as


maintenance at a specific temperature for a specific amount of time until growth or a reaction occurs is

6 months

the general lab centrifuge (GLC) is calibrated every

bleeding time

the ivy method and the duke method are used to measure


an accumulation in the body of substance, known as ketones which may be detected by testing urine,commonly observed in starvation,pregnancy and diabetes is

evaluating anticoagulant drugs

the laboratory test for prothrombin time would be for

assessing risk of coronary heart disease

the laboratory test for cholesterol would be

assessing hemostasis

the laboratory test for bleeding time would be for

detecting inflammation or infection

the laboratory test for a white blood cell count would be for

beginning of each day

the temperature of the centrifuge is checked at the

assessing glomerular filtration rate

the laboratory test for creatinine would be for

1.5 mm

for capillary collection from infants, a lancet with which of the following lengths should be used to avoid penetrating the bone

forming a clot

anticoagulants prevent the blood from

apply pressure to the site

if during the course of a venipuncture, the patient starts to bleed severely, you should

40 mm hg

for the surgical bleeding time test, the blood pressure cuff must be inflated on the patients upper arm to

all of the choices

the phlebotomist would play an active role in patient education for which of the following procedures

aiding in diagnosis of anemia

the laboratory test for hematocrit would be for which of the following

diagnose bacteremia

the laboratory test for a blood culture is used for which of the following

glucose tolerance

the test that is required to test the patients insulin releasing mechanism is called

both b and c triglyceride cholesterol

a fasting blood specimen is needed for which of the following clinical laboratory

collecting blood through CVC's

of the following lab test, which procedure requires 10mL normal saline and 2 or 3-20 M1 disposable syringes

vitamin k

the prothrombin in the blood clotting process is dependent upon which of the follwoing

both a and b confirming diabetes mellitus hypoglycemia

the laboratory test for glucose tolerance would be

bromsulphalein dye

which of the following dyes would be used to test a patients liver function


spinal fluid cultures are used to determine

all of the above

a centrifuge is a piece of laboratory equipment used for which of the following


which of the following blood chemical constituents is light sensitive


when blood is collected from a patient the serum should be separated from the blood cells as quickly as possible to avoid

lab results are unreliable if specimens are collected

after ingestion of alcohol

synovial fluid

which of the following fluid is extracted from joint cavitites

antecubital fossa

the most common site to perform a ventipuncture, or the bend of the arm is called


a state of abnormal variations is the size of red blood cells in the blood is

all of the above

which of the following items are needed to collect a blood culture specimen

all of the above

a prolonged bleeding time for a patient may be caused by the patients intake of

all of the choices

if a blood specimen is allowed to clot,without added anticoagulant this is what remains

to avoid excessive bleeding

why is it necessary to control the depth of a lancet insertion during skin puncture

all of the choices

which of the following conditions listed affect laboratory test on blood specimens

all of the choices

hemoconcentration can be caused by

buffy coat

a light colored layer of leukocytes and platelets which forms on the top of the red cell layer when a sample of blood is centrifuged or allowed to stand

bleeding and platelet

two primary test for platelet activity are the ___ time,which is used to assess platelet function, and the ___ count, whcih evaluates platelet production

increase localized blood flow

what effect does warming the site have on venipuncture

needle bevel is partially inserted in the vein

hematoma during venipuncture results from which of the following

median cubital vein

of the following veins which would be most frequently used for venipuncture

hollander test

the test that require passing a tube through the patients nose is called

the time required for erythrocytes to settle to the bottom of an upright tube at room temperature

the laboratory test for sedimentation rate is described as

both a and b rubber hose blood pressure cuff

which of the following are tourniquets used in venipuncture

3 major components

if a tube of blood is allowed to stand undisturbed, it will separate into


serum that contains antibodies is referred to as


the rapid sequence of vascular spasm,platelet plug formation and coagulation is known as


how many counting chambers are used to count white blood cells

all of the above

which of the following would be reason to reject a specimen for testing


of the following which is not considered a timed blood specimen

about 7.4

the normal pH of blood is

a spectrophotometer

an instrument which can be used to determine the concentration of a solution by measuring the light transmitted or absorbed by the solution is called

a specific density

a measurement of density is called

all of the choices

a labeled specimen must include

a patients chart

on a typical microcollection tray you would not find


a temperature controlled chamber into which inoculated media is placed so that bacterial growth will occur is called an

all of the choices

the complete blood count (CBC) includes which of the following tests

15 degree

what is the best angle for a needle insertion during venipuncture

their various densities

why does blood separate into three layers when centrifgued


to help minimize dizziness or fainting,blood donors should eat within ___hours of donating blood

glucose and triglycerides

what tests may be affected most if the patient is not fasting


hemogaurd is a type of

70% isopropyl

the most common antiseptic for routine blood draw is


the needle gauge with the smallest diameter is


needles are color coded according to


which of the following is not skin puncture equipment


the most common skin test performed is

low platelet count

a prolonged bleeding time is indicative of

serum enzyme test

a series of tests measuring enzymes released into the blood after a heart attack is

none of the choices

what is a reference point which test results are compared

none of the choices

when performing an arterial puncture you should


the bevel of the needle should be in which position before entering a vein


when drawing a specimen to test blood alcohol, the site cannot be prepared with

monitoring heparin therapy

what is the ACT used to determine

multiple draw needle

a retractable sheath is part of a

heparin lock

what is the special winged needle set that can be left in a patients vein for up to 48 hours and is used to administer medication and draw blood


what is the name of the small metal bar that is inserted into the tube after collection of a capillary blood gas specimen used to aid in mixing the anticoagulant by means of magnet


pathogenic bacteria or blood poisoning in the blood is called

the presence of circulation

what is the allen test used to determine

remove needle and apply pressure to the site

if a hematoma starts to form during the course of a phlebotomy which of the following should be done


in arterial blood gas procedure for adults, which of the following anticoagulant is added to coat the syringe barrel

1 mL

for an ABG collection what is the required amount of sample

all of the choices

which of the following complications could be associated with the collection of arterial blood gas


what should be the minimum volume of the capillary tube used to collect a specimen for capillary blood gas analysis

30 degrees

when using a pusher slide which is the correct angle


which blood test usually does not require skin puncture

bleeding time

which of the following test uses a template instrument to obtain blood testing platelet integrity


what is the name of the compatibility test performed before a unit of blood is determined to be suitable for transfusion


a test of the bodys ability to absorb and utilize a particular substance is which of the following


which method is the most common bleeding time test

spinal fluid culture

which of the following methods is used for detecting meningitis


the action by which a fluid will enter a tube or pipet because of the attraction between the glass and liquid is


a measure of the diameter of a needle is


a hematocrit performed on a small sample of blood is

all of the above

which of the following is used in bedisde glucose testing

candida albicans

what is a commonly identified pathogenic agent causing skin nosocomial infections


which of the following is not included in testing for blood gas assay

B-D vacutainer system

a blood collection vacuum tube is part of the

lateral anterior area of the elbow

which of the following sites is not recommended to collect capillary blood gases


therapeutic phlebotomy is used in the treatment of


which of the following blood analysis has a rise and fall in values with the time of day, and thus must be collected on time

5 mm

lancets with which of the following maximum lengths are suitable for older children


the value of a total protein test due to prolonged use of a tourniquet can produce changes in

near a tattoo

venipuncture at sites witch each of the following could affect test results except

at room temperature

phlebotomy needles should be stored


what gauge needles are commonly used for phlebotomy

use an IV line

which of the following procedures is nto done to obtain blood if a problem occurs during collection


cholesterol and ___ could be tested from the same tube


serum glucose and ___ could not be tested from the same tube

direct coombs test

which of the following assays is performed in the immunohematology section

clinical chemistry

therapeutic drug monitoring usually is performed in which of the following sections

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