Semi-annual reporting

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Households where all adult household members are elderly or disabled are certified for 24 months​
Households living on an Indian Reservation are also certified for 24 months​
Households where all adult household members are elderly and/or disabled and have no earned income are certified for 36 months
How is the SAR cycle determined?when their case is approved and is based on the beginning date of aid (BDOA).What is a SAR 7?The SAR 7 is a mandatory form which serves as the primary method for reporting household changes mid certification period.SAR 7 Mail outCounty Welfare Departments must ensure that the household receives the SAR 7 at the end of the SAR Data Month and no later than the first day of the SAR Submit Month.SAR 7 form gathers information 3 ways:What happened During the Data (Report) month?​ What happened Since you last reported?​ What changes do you Expect in the next 6 months?SAR 7 RequirementsA SAR 7 shall be considered "complete" if:​ The form is signed no earlier than the first day of the SAR Submit Month.​ All questions and items are fully answered and information on the SAR 7 together with attached documentation provides sufficient information to allow for the determination of eligibility and benefit level; and​ Required verification is provided. A complete SAR 7 is due to be returned to the county by the 5th day of the Submit Month.SAR 7 is considered late if received after the11th day of the monthThe SAR 7 must be received by the "extended filling date" or the case willdiscontinueThe last date a SAR 7 can be received is"extended filing date" which is the first working (business) day of the month following the SAR Submit Month.If a SAR 7 is submitted after the Extended Filing Date Good Cause or Restoration of Aid must be explored. True or falseTrueWhat is Good Cause?Good Cause provisions provide for discontinuances to be rescinded when the recipient cannot reasonably be expected to fulfill his or her reporting responsibilities due to factors outside of his or her control.​ ​If Good cause is given, the case must berescinded and full benefits provided for the monthGood Cause exists in the following situations:The recipient has a mental or physical condition that prevents him or her from submitting a timely report;​ The late report is directly attributable to county error; or​ The CWD finds that other extenuating circumstances might have contributed to the recipient's inability to submit a timely report.Restoration of AidAll recipients who have been discontinued for failure to submit a SAR 7 can have benefits restored, pro-rated effective the date the completed SAR 7 is received by the county, at any time in the month following the discontinuance.