Lab 10 - Reproductive Anatomy

Reproductive System Function
Perpetuate the Species
What are the function of the gonads, the testes, and the ovaries?
Produce Germ Cells
Female Uterus Function
Provides a nurturing, protective environment in which the embryo (later called the fetus) develops until birth
What is the EXOCRINE and ENDOCRINE function of the testes?
Testes = male gonads

Exocrine Function: Sperm Reproduction
Endocrine Function: Testosterone Production
Epididymis Function
Provides a site for immature sperm entering it from the testis to complete their maturation process.
What is ejaculation?
Contraction of the ejaculatory duct propels the sperm through the prostate to the prostatic urethra (which in turn empties out into the membranous urethra, and then the penile urethra)
What do to the prostate, seminal vesicles, and the bulbourethral glands produce?
& what is the products function?
Seminal Fluid - liquid medium in which sperm leaves the body
Prostate Function
Secretes a milky fluid into the urethra
(which plays a role in activating sperm)
Bulbourethral Glands Function
Produce a thick, clear, alkaline mucus that drains into the membranous urethra
Penis Function
Deliver sperm into the female reproductive tract
Seminiferous tubules Function
Sperm Forming Factories
Stereocilia (in Epididymis) Function
Absorb excess fluid and pass nutrients to the sperm in the lumen
What is the EXOCRINE & ENDOCRINE function of the ovaries?
Ovaries = Female Gonads

Exocrine Function = Produce Eggs (Ova)
Endocrine Function = Produce Estrogens and Progesterone
Hymen Function
Lubricate the distal end of the vagina during coitus
Vagina Function
Serves as a copulatory organ and birth canal and permits passage of the menstrual flow
Functional Layer (of Endometrium) Function
Sloughs off in response to cyclic changes in the levels of ovarian hormones in the woman's blood (about every 28 days)

--> known as Menstruation
Basal Layer (of Endometrium) Function
Forms a new functional layer after menstruation
Broad Ligament Function
Fold that encloses the uterine tubes and uterus and secures them to the lateral body walls
Round Ligament Function
Help attach the uterus to the body wall
Ovarian Ligament
Supports the Ovaries Medially
Suspensory Ligaments
Support the Ovaries Laterally