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Chapter 12


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end all slavery NOW
against slavery
when did slavery start in the north
published the Liberator
ex-slave from Maryland
published the Northern Star
wanted a gradual decline
secret system helped over 50,000 slaves to escape
Underground Railroad
greatest Underground Railroad leader
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman's nickname
Moses, Black Moses
wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Who ran in the election of 1852
Pierce, Scott, Hale
won the election of 1852
what political party was Pierce
what political party was Scott
what political party was John Hale
Free Soil
what was a problem when Pierce was in office
What was Pierce's only success during his time in office
Gadsden Purchase
how much was spent on the Gadsden Purchase
$10 million
what was bought for the Gadsden Purchase (how many miles and what states)
29,000 miles
Arizona and New Mexico
what act reopened slavery
Kansas-Nebraska Act
who wrote the Kansas- Nebraska Act
S Douglas
what states were opened for settlement in the Kansas Nebraska Act
Kansas and Nebraska
people decide if they're a Free or slave state
Popular Sovereignty
Nickname for conflict about slavery in area
Bleeding Kansas
fanatic abolitionist who killed 5 pro-slavers
John Brown
what did the Kansas-Nebraska Act repeal
Missouri Compromise
Line 36 30
Missouri Compromise
Who ran in the election of 1856
Buchanan, Fremont, Fillmore
What party was Buchanan in the Election of 1856
What party was Fremont in the Election of 1856
What party was Fillmore in the Election of 1856
Know Nothing party
Only bachelor
who avoided the slavery issue
Where did Dred Scott live
who owned the Dred Scott Decision
Dr. Emerson
Where did Dr. Emerson live? (2 states)
Illinois and Wisconsin
local abolitionist claimed freedom
Dred Scott or Emerson?
when did Emerson die?
who did Emerson sell the Dred Scott Decision to?
Sandord his brother in law
What did the supreme court role on the Dred Scott Decision
6-3 against Scott
chief justice ruled blacks aren't citizens, cant sue in courts
Roger Taney
opinions of South Carolina, slaves can be moved anywhere
Obiter Dictum
what became illegal during the Dred Scott decision
Missouri Compromise and slave restrictions
Where were the Lincoln-Douglas debates
nicknamed "little Giant"
Douglas Popular Sovereignty
Nickname Honest Abe
considering the Dred Scott decision can a territory exclude slavery before it becomes a state
Douglas said yes and won the senate seat but caused the Democratic party to split
Raided the Federal Arsenal and Gun Factory
John Brown's Raid
Where was the John Brown Raid
Harper's Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia)
What was the john brown raid plan
21 men take over the arsenal, arm slaves then attack and conquer the south
During the John Brown Raid who were the US Marines under
who captured Brown
Lee and the US marines
found guilty and executed became a martyr
4 representatives in the 1860 election
Douglas, Breckinridge, Bell, Lincoln
What party, state and position on slavery was Douglas
Northern Democrat, Illinois, and popular sovernty
What party, state and position on slavery was Breckinridge
South Democrat, Kentucky, for slavery and wanted to spread it
What party, state and position on slavery was Bell
Constitutional Union, Tennessee, ignore slavery
why did Bell ignore slavery
to preserve constitutional and Union
What party, state and position on slavery was Lincoln
Republican, Illinois, free soil
what kind of abolitionist was Lincoln
Won the 1860 Election
First state to secede
South Carolina
6 states seceded by February 1861
Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas
4 States seceded after Ft Sumter
North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Tennessee
2 Confederate capitals (city and state)
Montomery, Alabama, and Richmond Virginia
Confederate president
Jefferson davis
where was Fort Sumter
Charleston South Carolina
Union officer in charge of Fort Sumter
who attacked Fort Sumter and when
Beauregard, April 12 1861