American History Chapter 5 Part One

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famine and diseaseWhat eliminated 1/3 of the population of Cubans as a result of the Reconstruction Policy?77%What of the humans died in camps?Cuban Revolution"Blood on the roadsides, blood in the fields, blood on the doorsteps, blood, blood, blood!" is from a newspaper article in the World describing ____ radicalizes themHow can yellow journalism influence people's opinions on foreign policy issues?TV news and printed newsWhat type of modern might use this type of journalism?jingoismaggressive nationalistsMcKinleyWho is called weak by the Spanish because he cares about only being on good terms with the jingoes and he only cared about what people thought about him and being likedanarchypeople rising against the governmentSpainWhat country declares war on the US on April 24, 1898?Manila BayCommodore Dewey defeats the Spanish fllet within 6 hours; the Philippines do not want to be controlled anymore by an outside force where?rough ridersTeddy Roosevelt puts together a group of voluntary calvary unit; known for capturing San Juan Hill; they consist of cowboys, miners, and law officers. What was the group called?tropical diseasesMore Americans killed by ___ ___ than fell in the battle (roughly 4,000 to 300)Treaty of Paris, 1898a peace treaty that occurs when Cuba gains independence, the US acquires Puerto Rico and Guam and pays Spain $20 million for the Philippines, the US has become an imperial power1946When do the Filipinos gain complete independenceRebellion in the PhilippiesWhat event resulted in a war lasting 3 years and killing a million people that died of disease, starvation, re-concentration camps, and guerrilla warfareTeddy RooseveltWho was named "The Big Stick"; he said "speak softly and carry a big stick"Open Door Policythe principal countries should all have equal access to any of the ports open to trade in China; which was supported by President Rooseveltwants to trade with all of China, not some partsWhy did the US want to eliminate spheres of influence in China?