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Ch. 15

home maintenance, professional products
To ensure the client has the knowledge necessary to care for their hair properly between salon visits, it is our responsibilty to educate them on ____________ and ____________.
client consultation
The first step in the hairstyling process should always be a
finger waving
Shaping and directing the hair into an S formation using a comb, lotion, and the fingers is called
waving lotion
Hair gel that makes the hair pliable, keeps it in place, and is made of karaya gum is
heavy side
When creating finger waves with a side part, you should begin on the
sideways and parallel around the head
In creating horizontal finger waves, the waves are placed _______ and _______ the head.
stationary foundation
The base of a pin curl is it's
direction and movement
The stem of a pin curl gives the curl its ________ and ________.
The stem of the pin curl is the part that determines
no-stem pin curl
Pin curls that produce tight, firm, long-lasting curls and allow for minimum mobility are
open end
Pin curls formed in a shaping should begin at the
open center curls
Smooth waves and uniform curls are produced by
counterclockwise curls
Pin curls formed in the opposite direction of the hands of a clock are
Pin curl bases are referred to as rectangular, triangular, square, or
prevent breaks or splits
Triangular base pin curls are used along the front or facial hairline to
Creating tension by forcing hair between the thumb and back of a comb when making pin curls is called
carved curls
Pin curls sliced from a shaping and formed wihtout lifting the hair from the head are
skip waves
Two rows of ridge curls placed on the side of a head are
cascade curls
Pin curls that allow the hair to flow upward and downward are called stand-up curls or
Barrel curls are similar to a roller, but do not have the same
The panel of hair on which a roller is placed is the
Hair between the scalp and the first turn of a roller is the
For a roller set where little or no volume is required, the rollers should be placed
The point where curls of opposite directions meet forming a recessed area is
hair breakage
The metal edge of roller clips placed at an angle against the hair can cause
Combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp creating a cushion or base is
To smooth hair that is back-combed, the teeth of the comb or brush should be held at a ____ angle.
not lifted
When wrapping hair, very llittle volume will be attained provided the hair at the scalp is
The nozzle attachment used in blow-drying to create a steady stream of air is the
The tool attachment used to dry hair softly and accentuate the textural definition is a
smooth surface
Teeth on a styling comb that are closely spaced remove curl definition and create a
heat resistant and antistatic
Classic styling brushes having rows of round-tipped nylon bristles should be ___________ and ________.
vent brush
An ideal brush for blow-drying fine hair quickly and adding lift to the scalp area is a
styling gel
A thickened liquid styling tool, spread with fingers, that creates the strongest control and distinct texture definition is
A styling aid that holds fine hair with little or no heaviness is
straightening gel
A styling aid applied to damp wavy or curly hair to create a straight look when hair is blow-dried is
45-degree angle
When blow-drying with a round brush, maximum lift is achieved by inserting the brush on base and directing the section up at a
nape to crown
When using a concentrator to blow-dry straight or wavy hair, build the shape working from ______ to ______.
thermal curling
Waving and curling straight or pressed hair using special manipulative techniques on dry hair is
barrel and shell
The basic parts of a thermal iron are the rod handle, shell handle, _______ and ______.
inner edge
The edge of a beveled flat iron that is nearest the stylist is the
To remove dirt, oils, and product residue from the barrel of a thermal iron, use a dampened towel with a soapy solution containing a few drops of
a nonflammable substance
Combs used with thermal iron should be about 7 inches long and made of
full-base curl
In thermal curling, hair is held at a 125-degree angle with medium tension and the curl is placed in the center if its base is a
completely off base
A type of thermal curl with only slight lift or volume can be achieved by using a 70-degree angle and rolling hair
hair pressing
A technique used to temporarily straighten extremely curly or unruly hair until the hair is shampooed is
hard press
Applying a thermal pressing comb through the hair twice on each side to remove curl is
diameter and feel
Variations in hair texture are defined by the ________ and _____ of the hair.
compact cuticle layer
Pressing wiry or curly hair requires more heat and pressure due to the
scalp massage
A tight scalp can be made more flexible with hair brushing and the systematic use of
piece of light paper
The temperature of pressing combs should be tested on a
pressing oil
To prevent the smoking or burning off of hair during the pressing treatment, avoid excessive
balance and proportion
When executing an updo, always inspect the shape you are building from every angle to determine ________ and ________.
hair spray
A styling product available in a variety of strengths applied in the form of a mist to hold a style in position is
spiral curl
A method of curling hair by winding a strand around a rod is a(n)