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Bone Diseases


a bone disease caused by deficiency (lacking) of vitamin D


usually caused when babies do not get enough vitamin D in their diet (food) and do not get enough sunlight, therefore their bones become deformed (the shape is not right)


children with this are usually bow-legged, with curved backbones, flat heads, enlarged wrists or ankles, generally weak muscles


a child with this should be given plenty of milk, which has calcium to make bones hard.


a child with this should also be given Vitamin D supplements, but not in excessive amounts (or not too much).


a child with this should be exposed to morning sunshine


is a disease of the bones common to women as they grow older. Their bones, become thinner and brittle (easily breaks) so they are easily fractured.


the bone tissues gets lost, and are not easily replaced.


its treatment includes proper diet: "calcium from milk, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and shellfish."


Calcium tables can also help cure this.


is an abnormal curvature of the backbone, which may start from childhood or adolescence.


may be caused by a disease that affected the spine or it may be a defect that is already present at birth.


its treatment includes the use of braces or hooks. Bed rest is also important.


is a disease of the joints and affects mostly elderly people.


is caused bye the destruction of the cartilage between bones at a joint especially the hip, knee, and fingers.

Bone Infections

an injury to the bone, such as an open fracture, can cause this

Bone Infections

with this, the pus can slowly destroy the bones.


is a thick fluid produced by the body as it fights infection (in tagalog: "nana")

Bone Infections

antibiotics are used for treating this

Bone Infections

to further prevent this, practicing hygienic measures such as washing the hands often and washing and covering the wound.

Artificial joints

Permanently damaged joints can now be replaced by these. They may be made of steel or plastic which are designed as to enable the joints to move like the real ones.


if all the ___ were fixed, the body could not move at all

Fixed joints

are secured by fibrous tissues so they do not move. (e.g. bones of the skull). These are also called sutures

Synovial fluid

lubricates bones so they can move smoothly

Movable joints

are coated with cartilage which acts as a shock absorber. (e.g. knee joint, elbow joint, joints between bones of fingers/arms/shoulders)

Bone graft

A small peice of bone can be taken from one part of the body to repair a damaged bone in another part. This piece of bone is called ____.

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