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This modern philosophy was a reaction to pragmatism; it emphasizes the individual choice


Name the "religious" existentialist who took a "leap of faith"

(Soren) Kierkegaard

Soren Kierkegaard was able to consider himself both an atheist and theologist because he ______ to act as if there were a God


This eistentialist declared teh death of God


(Philosophical Position of Existentialism) refusual to belong to _____ school of thought


(Philosophical Position of Existentialism) repudiation of the __________ of any philosophy or school of thought


(Philosophical Position of Existentialism) A marked _____________ with traditional philosohy (its all too superficial, accademic, or remote from life)


Existentialists believe in stark _____________

individualism (only individual has purpose; no one can determine another's purpose)

Metaphysics. Existentialists believe in a world of _________ _________; nothing else has meaning

individual existence

For the Existentialist, ____________ precedes essensce

Existence (For the Christian essense precedes existence)

For the Existentialist, the only certainty is that we __________

exist (for the Christian, we know that God exists)

For the Existentialist, there is _____ purpose

no (Christians believe in God's purpose)

For the Existentialist, there is ______ authority

no (Christian's believe in God's authority)

This existentialist said that there were both Christian and athiest existentialists. Man could make a god if he wants. Wrote Nausea, No Exit, and Dirty Hands.

(John-Paul) Sarte

According to Sarte, man is "condemned to be ______"

free (man must make his whole existence by himself)

Epistemology. Existentialists belief that truth is ________


Would the existentialist believe that meaning and truth are built into the universe

no (only the individual gives nature meaning)

Existentialists believe that first came the ____________, then the idea that he created


What is the focus of the existential (what part of philosohpy)


The existentialist believes that life's values and beauty are bound up in the existential choices of the _________


The existentialist student is a __________, _______, and _______ agent

choosing, free (to set goals), responsible (accountable to self)

The teacher to the existentialist is a _________ who leads the studetns into a better understanding of themselves. They identify with the individual students.


The existential curriculum would be _____________, chosen by the __________, focused on the __________

flexible, student, humanities

The existential method would be _____________ and ____________

noncoercive; individualistic

(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) No _________ truth

a priori

(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) Downplay ________________________ (branch of phillosophy)


(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) classes are ________________ (man-centered)


(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) As far as truth goes, there is only ______________ truth

relative (no absolutes)

For the Pragmatist, truth or meaning is found in the role of __________; for the existentialist, it is found in the role of the ________________

society; individual (the big dif)

(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) teacher is always a _______________

facilitator (guide)

(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) curriculum is _________-______________


(Similarities in Pragmatism and Existentialism) the purpose is not to transmit ________________ of the past


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