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  1. multifarious
  2. suave
  3. animosity
  4. stultify
  5. parsimonious
  1. a (verb)
    to make ineffective or useless, cripple; to have a dulling effect on
  2. b (adjective)
    having great variety; numerous and diverse
  3. c (adjective)
    smoothly agreeable or polite; pleasing to the senses
  4. d (noun)
    strong dislike; bitter hostility
  5. e (adjective)
    stingy, miserly; meager, poor, small

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  1. (verb)
    to take great pleasure in
    a wild celebration
  2. (noun)
    a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
  3. (adjective)
    fearful or anxious, especially about the future
  4. (verb)
    to ridicule, laugh at with contempt
  5. (adjective)
    able to get along or work well together; capable of use with some other model or system

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  1. commend(adjective)
    smoothly agreeable or polite; pleasing to the senses


  2. consecrate(verb)
    to make sacred, hallow; to set apart for a special purpose


  3. condolence(noun)
    an expression of sympathy


  4. obsolete(noun)
    an expression of sympathy


  5. recalcitrant(adjective)
    stubbornly disobedient, resisting authority


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