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repeated use of this decreases the brain's production of endorphins

90 minutes

the human sleep cycle repeats itself about every

sleep apnea

disorder characterized by the temporary cessation of breathing while asleep

circadian rhythm

a pattern of biological functioning that occurs on a roughly 24 hour cycle

drug addiction; drug addicts

the greatest danger of viewing ____ as a disease is that this may lead ___ to feel powerless to overcome the addiction


evidence suggest that we consolidate our memories of recent life events during ___ sleep

sensitive; sensitive

Ernest Hilgard discovered that when hypnosis is used to induce deafness, the hidden observer is suprisingly ___ to sound. When hypnosis is used to reduce pain, the hidden observer is surprisingly ___ to pain.


when cocaine is snorted, free-based, or injected, it produces a rush of euphoria by blocking the reuptake of

paradoxical sleep

genital arousal is most likely to be associated with

REM sleep

forty year old robert insists that he never dreams. Research suggests that he probably would report a vivid dream if he were awakened during


a disorder involving periodic uncontrollable attacks of overwhelming sleepiness

REM sleep

is called paradoxical sleep because our NS is highly active, while our voluntary muscles hardly move


the need to take larger and larger doses of a drug in order to experience it's effect is an indication of

subconscious; conscious

___ info processing is more likely than ___ to occur simultaneously on several parallel dimensions


our awareness of ourselves and our environment


after ingesting a small does of a psychoactive drug, Carol experienced vivid visual hallucinations and felt as if she were separated from her own body. Carol most likely experienced the effects of


research on susceptibility of ___ indicates that people who are highly responsive to this tend to have rich fantasy lives

marijuana; hallucinogen

THC, the active ingredient in ___, is classified as a ___


the school of thought in psychology that systematically avoided the study of consciousness during the first half of the century was

enhancing memory

researchers are most likely to question the value of hypnosis for


research on the use of addictive drugs indicates that many people are able to stop using ____ without professional help

social influence

experiments in which hypnotized individuals have been encouraged to perform apparently dangerous acts best illustrate that people are surprisingly susceptible to destructive ___


these experiences are quite similar to drug-induced hallucinogenic experiences


also known as paradoxical sleep

consciousness rhythm

the biological clock

lysergic acid diethylamide



presumption that mind and body are two distinct entities that interact


split in consciousness


diminishing effect of regular use of same dose of a drug


suggestion that certain thoughts, feelings, or behaviors will spontaneously occur


false sensory experiences


reduce neural activity and slow body functions


our awareness of ourselves and our environment


depress neural activity


sleep disorder


major active ingredient in marijuana


excite neural activity


___ waves are large slow brain waves


___ waves are reassociated with relaxed, awake state


presumption that mind and body are two aspects of same thing

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