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  1. AVU
  2. AVP
  3. AVS
  4. AVD
  5. AVN
  1. a AVailable Undermanning
  2. b AVailable on Pager contact (Officer)
  3. c AVailable on Delayed turnout
  4. d AVailable for Non-emergency case
  5. e Standby and AVailable at a base other than at home base

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  1. AVailable on Radio contact (Officer)
  2. AVailable on R/T (hydrant Inspection)
  3. AVailable for hospital Transfer with stretcher
  4. AVailable on R/T (Visit)
  5. AVailable at Home (Officer)

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  1. AVOAVailable on other means of Contact


  2. AVXAVailable, deficiency of spectial equipment


  3. AVMAVailable, deficiency of spectial equipment


  4. AVEAVailable on R/T (Exercise)


  5. AVFAVailable Last turn-out