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  1. AVM
  2. AVL
  3. AVN
  4. AVZ
  5. AVF
  1. a AVailable on Mobile
  2. b AVailable for Non-emergency case
  3. c AVailable Last turn-out
  4. d AVailable, crew passed duty time
  5. e AVailable on physical fitness Training

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  1. AVailable on R/T (Exercise)
  2. AVailable on R/T (hydrant Inspection)
  3. AVailable Undermanning
  4. AVailable at Home (Officer)
  5. AVailable on alternative manning

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  1. AVCAVailable on Delayed turnout


  2. AVVAVailable on physical fitness Training


  3. AVDAVailable on Delayed turnout


  4. AVWAVailable for hospital Transfer Without stretcher


  5. AVTAVailable on Radio contact (Officer)


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