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A. Old-fashioned oatmeal made of rolled oats groats (deshelled oat kernels) and is prepared by adding water and boiling up to 30 minutes.

B. Quick oat cereals- consists of thinner flakes made of rolling cut groats and is prepared by cooking for 1 to 25 minutes.

C. Instant Oatmeal - is similar to quick oats with additional treatments, such as "incorporating gum to improve hydration; hot water is added, but no other cooking is required"
WHEAT, RICE, CORN CEREALSother traditional cereals. "whole wheat traditional cereals include milled, rolled, and cracked wheat products.FLACKED CEREALare form whole grain kernels or parts of seeds of rice, corn, or wheat. these are processed in such a way as to obtain particles and called flaking grits that form one flake each. flacked cereals involved preprocessing, mixing, cooking.WHEATspecifically, white wheat - is primarily used to make whole-grain shredded cereals.GRANOLAcereals are ready-to-cook cereal that are prepared by taking regular, old-fashioned whole-rolled oats or quicks - cooking oats and mixing them with other ingredients.OVEN-PUFFED BOWLSof-an made almost exclusively using whole-grain nice or corn, or a mixture of these two grains"RICE WITH CRABMEAT IS ONE OF THE EXAMPLE> SALMON/BROWN RICE > CHINESE FRIED RICEPASTAThe word "PASTA" is Italian for "DOUGH". pasta is straight forward food. wheat flour or semolina and water are the usual ingredients for it.DURUM WHEATmakes the best pasta. it's characteristic is hardness, gluten quality and color. Pasta in Italian style is made from wheat: Semolina.SEMOLINAmixed with water, and quality of both. ace to is very important. once the dough is made, pasta may be produced by rolling it out into a sheet.MARKETS FOR PASTAtoday, there is a market for Italian - Style pasta all over the world.EUROMONITOR OR INTERNATIONALan independent market research company. reports that towards 2013, "Pasta in the Philippine enjoyed a progressively stronger demand.PASTA SHAPEShistorically , pasta was made through a rolling and cutting process.COMMON PASTA SHAPES> Anellini > Fettuccine > Lasagna > Penne > Ravioli > Spaghetti > Ziti > VermicelliANELLINImeaning "little things" this pasta is made in the shape of tiny rings, both with or without ridges.DURUMwheat flour and water are the main ingredients for production in factories.FETTUCCINEmeaning "little ribbons" made using wheat flor, salt, eggs, and sometimes little water homes.LASAGNAfor homemade lasagna, what flour and eggs are used.PENNEthe name means "quills" this is a Factory- made tubular pasta characterized by its oblique cut.RAVIOLIthe ravioli ingredients are wheat flour and eggs and sometimes water and salt. place to place, half moons,rectangles)SPAGHETTIaccording to encyclopedia of pasta by Loretta Zanini De Vita spaghetti is along, stripped shaped drum- wheat pasta, rolled initially by hand later extruded through a dine. Spaghetti is boiled in Plenty of SALTED WATER.VERMICELLIwhich literally translates, into "Little worms" old name for Spaghetti.ZITTIis a factory-made long tube made from durum wheat flour and water. also boiled in plenty of salt water. The name means "grooms" or "brides" and traditionally. this is the pasta for feast days in different regions in ITALY.MOST IMPOTANT1. Aniline is usually cooked in both. 2. The pasta is boiled briefly in abundant salted water. 3. Lasagna is boiled in Plenty of salted water, sauced, and baked. 4. Penne is one of the most widely consumed pasta shapes in Italy. 5. SHAPES OF RAVIOLI: > place to place > half-moons > rectangles