GEOL 111: Intro to Geology

The study of historical geology logically precedes the study of physical geology.
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Who proposed the continental drift hypothesis in 1915?WegenerWhich of the following is a line of evidence used to support the continental drift hypothesis?FossilsName one of the continental plates. (Name only, don't include "plate" in your answer)North AmericanMost major interactions among plates occur along their boundaries.TrueWhat type of plate boundary is shown here?ConvergentWhich type of plate boundary neither creates nor destroys crust?TransformThe relatively low viscosity boundary between the lithosphere and asthenosphere is important because it:Allows independent movement of the lithosphereWhen two plates collide, the crust with the lower density will go:UpOver the past 4 million years, the tectonic plate carrying Hawaii has moved in a generally south-easterly direction.FalseWhich of the following is not a line of evidence supporting the plate tectonics theory?The principle of superpositionWhich of the following is not a characteristic of minerals?OrganicGlacial ice is a mineral.TrueIonicAtoms gain or lose valence electronsCovalentAtoms share electronsMetallicValence electrons are free to migrate among atomsList one of the three strength-based physical properties of a mineral.Hardness Tenacity CleavageWhich of the following is the least useful diagnostic tool for classifying a mineral?ColorNonsilicates are more abundant in continental crust than silicates.FalseLight silicates have a _____ density than dark silicates, and _________ iron and/or magnesium in their chemical composition.lower, do not haveList one non silicate mineral group.Halides Sulfides Oxides Sulfates Native elements Carbonates