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Intermediate Nursing - Urinary Catheters

What is a catheter?
A hollow tube for instilling and removing fluids
What is catheterization?
Act of introducing a catheter into a body cavity or body organ
What is a closed drainage system?
It's a system of tubing and other apparetus attached to body to remove fluid from an airtight circuit that prevents environmental contaminants from entering.
Describe a condom catheter
A device placed over the penis and attached to a tube that leads to a urine collection bag.
The inability to control urination or defecation is what?
A catheter that is designed to be left in place is what?
Indwelling catheter
What is a lumen?
Space within a tube.
A catheter used for a one time elimination of urine is the definition of what?
A Straight catheter.
What is urinary catheterization?
The process of introducing a sterile catheter through the urethra into the bladder in order to remove urine.
The route from which waste is excreted from the body is what?
The urinary tract.
What may a straight catheter be used for?
Obtaining a sterile urine speciman, to measure residual urine, to relieve urine retention.
What may an indwelling catheter be used for?
Provide continuous drainage of urine, monitor urine output, preoperative preparation, controlling incontinence.
What is a straight catheter also called?
"non retention" or "in and out"
An indwelling catheter may also be called what?
What are the frequently used catheter sizes in adults?
14, 16 and 18 French
6, 8, 10 French are the catheter sizes commonly used in who?
How often is the drainage bag emptied?
Every 8 hours.
When are condom catheters used?
Most commonly used in elderly men with dementia
What are the two types of drainage bags?
Leg bag and large urinary drainage bag
Sterile gloves, sterile drapes, cotton balls, betadine solution, forceps, water-soluble lubricant, sterile specimen container, disposable urinary catheter and drainage bag are all part of what?
A catheterization kit
What direction do you open up the first flap of a sterile package?
Away from you
Why must sterile gloves be worn during a sterile procedure?
Because hands cannot be rendered sterile.
What position do you want a female patient in when inserting a urinary catheterization?
Dorsal recumbant
How far do you insert a catheter on a male patient?
1 to 2 inches more after urine is visualized
How often must you perform perineal care for a patient with an indwelling urinary catheter?
Twice daily
What is the minimal urine output for a patient?
30 mL an hour
What is a common complication with an indwelling urinary catheter?
Urinary Tract Infection
How long must you monitor a patient after removing a urinary catheter?
24 hours
What forms must urinary catheterization be documented?
DD form 792 and NAVMED 6550/12
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