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Coronal Polish

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coronal polishing is strictly limited to ?
The Clinical Crown the portion visible on the oral cavity
what is an extrinsic stain?
are stains on the exterior of the tooth and can be removed
what is an intrinsic stain?
they are caused by an environmental source and can not be removed
what is a coronal polish?
its a technique used to remove plaque and stains from the coronal surfaces of the teeth
what is the most common technique for stain removal?
the use of an abrasive polishing agent in a rubber polishing cup that is rotated slowly and carefully by a prophy angle
which type of grasp is used to hold the handpiece ?
pen grasp, with the handle resting in the U shape area of the hand between the thum and index finger
what is the purpose of the fulcrum?
provides stability~ fulcrum or finger rest are used interchangeably to describe the placement of the thrid, or ring, finger of the hand, which holds the instrument or handpiece
what precaution should be taken when polishing esthetic type restorations?
polish first applied direct to restoration,diamond polishing paste for porcelain, aluminum oxide composites/resin for 30 seconds
what is an endogenous stain?
it originate within the tooth from developmental and systemic disturbances, types include excessive fluoride or medications