CPT Coding Ch 5 Nervous System 104-125

23 terms by mrbginn

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(5-112) True or False: Burr hole(s) or trephine procedures (codes 61250, 61253) may not be reported if followed by a craniotomy at the same operative session. (263)


(5-113) True or False: Craniotomy procedures 61340 and 61490 may be performed unilaterally or bilaterally. (264)


(5-114) List the skull base surgery add-on codes. (266)


(5-109) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following procedures: Secondary repair of CSF leakage following skull base surgery by free tissue graft. (266)


(5-104) True or False: For endovascular temporary balloon arterial occlusion, head or neck (extracranial or intracranial) (61623), the selective catheterization of the vessel to be occluded, positioning, and inflation of the occlusion balloon are included and not additionally reported. (267)


(5-105) Code 61626 describes the permanent occlusion of one or more extracranial vessels (eg, arteriovenous malformation, tumor destruction of the head or neck [non-CNS]). Is it appropriate to report 75894 (transcatheter therapy, embolization) and 75898 (post-embolization arteriography) in addition to 61624? (267)

70450, 70460, or 70470; and 70551, 70552, or 70553

(5-116) List the radiological S&I code separately reportable in addition to codes 61750 and 61751. (268)


(5-115) True or False: The mounting of a stereotactic head frame is reported by code 20660 when performed by the same physician at the time of stereotactic biopsy of an intracranial lesion. (271)

True, 95974 and 95975 are used

(5-117) True or False: The neurostimulator revision/removal code 63660 does not include evaluative testing, programming, or reprogramming. (272)


(5-106) True or False: Codes 62200 and 62201 may be used to describe third ventricle ventriculocisternostomy performed by stereotactic method only. (274)

False, 62263 and 62264 include 72275 and 77003

(5-107) True or False: None of the spinal injection codes (62263, 62264, 62270-62273, 62280-62282, and 62310-62319) include fluoroscopic guidance and localization for placement of the needle or catheter. (276)

62310, 72275, 62311 72275 59

(5-108) Assign the appropriate code(s) for epidurography at the cervical and lumbar region. (276 / CPT 248)


(5-118a) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following procedures: Catheter implantation of an intrathecal or epidural catheter, connected to an external pump, implantable reservoir, or implantable infusion pump, without laminectomy. (280)


(5-118b) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following procedures: Catheter implantation of an intrathecal or epidural catheter, connected to an external pump, implantable reservoir, or implantable infucion pump, with laminectomy. (280)

False (Book answer is True?)

(5-119) True or False: Code 62350 is only intended to describe medication administration for long-term pain management. (280)


(5-121) Code for endoscopically assisted laminotomy. (280)


(5-122) True or False: The term reexploration in the CPT code series 63040-63044 is associated with a specific time frame from the initial procedure. (280)

64475, 64476, 77003 26 (Question: How do we find?)

(5-111) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following procedures: Lumbar facet joint nerve injection, unilateral, multiple levels, L3 and L4 medial branch nerves/facet joint nerves and L5 dorsal ramus for the L4-L5 and L5-S1 joints using fluoroscopic guidance. (287)

64483 50, 64484 50, 77003 26 (Question: CPT 223 "with imaging guidance (fluoroscopy or CT)" --- Book "Code 77003 is not an inclusive component of 64479-64484", why use 77003 26?)

(5-110) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following procedures: Lumbosacral transforaminal epidural injection bilateral, multiple levels, left and right L4-L5 foramen, L4 spinal nerves and left and right L5-S1 foramen, L5 spinal nerves using fluoroscopic guidance. (289/CPT 223)


(5-123) Botulinum toxin injection into the lumbar trunk muscles results in what effect: destruction or chemodenervation? (289)


(5-124) True or False: Codes 64612-64614 are reported once, even though multiple injections are performed. (289)


(5-125) Is facet joint nerve destruction by a neurolytic agent considered a unilateral or a bilateral procedure? (290)


(5-120) Code for refilling and maintenance of an implantable pump or reservoir for systemic drug delivery. (CPT 355)

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