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History: Early Discovery and Settlement 1


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the pilgrims were also known as Separatists because they
broke all ties with the Church of England
Jamestown survived as the first permanent British settlement in America because of
the emergence of tobacco as a cash crop
Roger Williams is best known in American history as
an early champion of religious freedom
In founding the colony of Georgia, James Oglethorpe's primary purpose was to
provide a refuge for English debtors
Most of the slaves who came to the 13 mainland colonies in British North America
were considered to be property and as such could be used as collateral for loans
The mayflower compact could best be described as
a foundation for self-government
17th century New England and the West Indies
were interdependent because the sugar islands could not feed themselves or supply their own lumber, and New England relied on the Caribbean to purchase its surpluses
What was a proprietary colony
a colony like New Jersey that was run as a privately owned estate
Which of the following correctly describes the attitude of most English settlers toward the Indians and their way of life
they assumed the Indians to be their inferiors and showed little respect for Indian society
Indentured servants were important to the development of the 17c Chesapeake because they
provided a relatively cheap and abundant source of labor for Chesapeake tobacco planters