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se débrouiller

to bring to successful end

Les faits se voient

It is evident

Cela ne se fait pas

Don't do that/One doesn't do that (idiomatic)

un roman facinant

a facinating novel

Nous avons l'habitude de nager

We swim all the time


to shine


to sweep

Faites de votre mieux

Do your best

la gentillesse

the kindness


to surround

le placard

the poster, bill (not affiche)

la Pologne

the Poland

un Méridional

a male southerner (of france)

une Méridionale

a female southerner (of france)

un auto-portrait

a self portrait

une carafe

a water bottle, pitcher

muni de

armed with

sans gêne

unconstrained, free and easy, offhand

la cafétière

the coffeepot

un avare

a miser, old man

autant de

as much as

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