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These questions are taken from the 2011 Sword Study for the National Bible Bee! they are taken from the Senior edition! These questions are from weeks 8-9.

Who suffered for us in the flesh?


What are we to do according to 1 Pet4:1?

Do the same as Christ and suffer in the flesh.

What is the result of suffering? 1Pet4:1

Cease from sin.

How are we to live?

By the will of God.

How are we not to live?

By the flesh to the lusts of men.

For how long are we to live to the will of God ?

For the rest of our time.

What had the believers spent enough time doing? 1 Pet4:3

The will of the gentiles.

What suprises the gentiles?1 Pet4:4

That ye run not with them to the same excess of riot.

What will the gentiles do to believers?

Speak evil of them.

To whom will the gentiles be accountable?


Who does God judge according to 1 Peter4:5?

The quick and the dead

What is the purpose of the gospel?

That we might live unto God through the spirit.

Who was the Gospel preached to ? 1Pet4:6

The dead.

Why was the gospel preched to the dead?

So that they could be juudged like those in the flesh, but live to God through the spirit

How are we to live in the Spirit?

According to God.

What is near? 1Pet4:7

The end of all things

What are we to do in preperation for the end of all things?

Be sober and watch untoprayer.

Wat is the purpose of being prepared for the end of all things?

That we might beready for the final judgement.

What is the most important thing we are to do?1 Peter4:8

Have Charity among oursevles.

Why are we to have Charity among ourselves?

Because charity covers the multitude of sins.

What are we to do for one another?1 Peter4:9

Have hospitality without grudging.

What do believers have? 1 Pet4:10

The gift of salvation.

What are believers to do with the gift of Salvation?

Minister the same to others.

How are believers to speak?

As the oracles of God.

How are believers to minister?

As of the ability which God giveth.

Why are only do what God tells us?

So that God may be glorified in all things.

What should not be suprising or strange to us?1 Peter4:12

That there will be firey trials that will come.

Why will we experience firey trials?

Because we are partakers of Christ's sufferings.

Instead of suprise, how are we to react in suffering?

Rejoice because we are partaking of Christ's sufferings.

Whose example are we to wollow in 1Peter4:13?


What is a blessing in 1Peter4:14?

To be reproached for the name of Christ.

Why is it a blessing to be reproached for the name of Christ?

Becaause the spirit of glory and of God resteth on us.

What are we not to be according to 1 Peter4:16?


What are we to do according to 1 Peter4:16?

Suffer as a Christian and Glorify God.

What should we not suffer for? 1Peter4:15

Muerder, thieving, evildoing, or being a busy body in other men's matters.

What is it time for 1Peter4:17?

Judgement to begin at the house of God

Who will be the first to receive the judgement?


What are the believers doing?1 Peter4:17

Obeying the gospel of God

What are the unbelievers doing?

Not obeying the Gospel of God.

Who is saved? 1Peter4:18

The righteous

What are we to do while suffering? 1Peter4:19

Commit the keeping of our souls to God in well doing.

Who should we entrust ourseles to ?


How is God described in 1 Peter4:19?

The Faithful Creator.

How are we to suffer? 1Peter4:19

According to the will of God.

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