cross-sectional study
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A developmental psychology graduate student, Mackenzie, is interested in comparing political views of older Americans and younger Americans. Mackenzie sends one survey to a sample of millennials and a sample of baby boomers. She is gathering this data to speak about what psychology can tell us about an upcoming election. The election is only a couple of months away, and Mackenzie is giving a presentation on this data at a conference in a few weeks. Which type of research is best for Mackenzie?
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longitudinal design
Haruo is a member of a research group that is studying how GPA changes over the course of college. As a part of the study, the GPAs of students who were freshmen in college were collected. Then the group collected the GPAs of those same students when they were sophomores, when they were juniors, and when they were seniors. What type of study is this?
The time during which a particular developmental task is especially likely to be influenced by outside events is:the critical a process by which a child interacts with a more advanced person, and as the child learns the more advanced person offers decreasing levels of help.Scaffoldinginsecure-resistantresults in babies who get quite upset when their mothers leave.egocentrism?a person's inability to understand a situation from a point of view other than his or her own.Secure attachmentwho are comfortable with separation from their mothers, but also derive comfort from being with their mothers.motor development options-the ability to smile and coo more at people than at toy monkeys -the ability to perceive facial expressions a strong preference for speech over non-speech sounds -the ability to roll overVinette is never questioned by her parents about what she does. This is an example of:a permissive parenting style.Wesley is learning that his favorite toy still exists even when he cannot see it. Wesley is in the _____ stage of Piaget's stages of cognitive development.sensorimotorauthoritative parenting styleParenting style in which parents set clear standards for their children's behavior but are also responsive to their children's needs and wishes.Isamu is learning that if he loses four toys and gets four more toys as presents, he has the same number of toys as he originally had. Isamu is MOST likely in the _____ stage of Piaget's stages of cognitive development.concrete operationalcharacteristic of a child in the concrete operational stage.The child has achieved transitive reasoning.Hadley can stay out at a party as late as she wants. Which parenting style does this demonstrate?a permissive parenting styleAccommodation is described as:a way of making sense of new information by revising or creating new schemas._____ refers to the understanding of the thoughts, feelings, intentions, and other mental activities of oneself and others.Theory of mindChoose the option that is an example of sensory development.a strong preference for speech over non-speech sounds coordination of the large muscles of the legs, trunk, and arms,Sereno is able to negotiate chores and responsibilities with his parents. This demonstrates:an authoritative parenting style.An imaginary audience is described as:a common way of thinking among adolescents in which they believe their lives are continuously being watched and evaluated by other people.Identity is described as:a person's stable sense of who he or she is.A psychotherapy technique that asks older adults to recall the major events of their lives and reevaluate decisions is:reminiscence.What is the primary focus of someone engaging in postconventional morality?collective valuesIn Erikson's psychosocial stages, infants face the question:"Will the people around me take care of me?"Which is a characteristic of physical development in young adulthood?Elite athletes reach their prime.Benjy volunteers at the soup kitchen because she genuinely cares about the people she is serving. Benjy is in the _____ stage of moral development.conventional moralityConventional morality is moral decision making driven by the desire to follow society's norms and laws.postconventional moralitythird level of Kohlberg's stages of moral development in which the person's behavior is governed by moral principles that have been decided on by the individual and that may be in disagreement with accepted social normsAt what age does dating become more serious with relationships lasting a full year?18 years oldVoshon refuses to get tattoos because he does not want people to think negatively of him. What stage of moral development is Voshon in?_____ means we become adults little by little and not as abruptly as we used to think.Emerging adulthoodIdentify the option that is a characteristic of physical development in middle adulthood.Men experience andropause.preconventional morality?first level of Kohlberg's stages of moral development in which the child's behavior is governed by the consequences of the behaviorThose in _____ have the challenge of autonomy versus shame and doubt.early childhoodcharacteristic of psychosocial development in older adulthood.People face ego integrity versus despair.This is a characteristic of psychosocial development in middle adulthood.Empty nest syndrome may occur.A primary sex characteristic:is a part of the body that directly involves sexual reproduction.A recently proposed developmental stage during which the person gradually moves from adolescence to adulthood is:emerging adulthood._____ is the time in a woman's life when she stops having menstrual periods.Menopause_____ is the time period featuring physical changes that mark the onset of adolescence.pubertycharacteristics of physical development in older adulthood-the sensory abilities weaken. -the decline of physical abilities continues. -the brain loses about 10% to 15% of its peak volume.Anijah prays to her god to let her live if she quits living in an unhealthy way. Which of Kübler-Ross's terminal illness stages is Anijah in?the bargaining stageconventional moralityBy early adolescence, social rules and laws are upheld for their own sake. Kimbra is gay, but she never brings a date to family events because she knows it would cause controversy.myelinationthe formation of a fatty sheath around the axons of a neuron -Myelination enhances the connections between neurons. -It improves the most often used neuronal pathways. -Myelination improves cognitive ability.Arun tested positive for a rare genetic disease. Arun wants to have the test redone to make sure it was not a false positive. Arun's partner explains that the condition runs in his family, which is why he was tested, and that retesting is too expensive. Arun decides to pick up extra shifts at work and pay for the second test himself. Arun is in the _____ stage of Kübler-Ross's terminal illness stages.denialWhich of the terminal illness stages is Jadonna in if she thinks that she might as well just die?the depression stageIn Erikson's psychosocial stages, children in elementary school face the challenge of:industry versus inferiority.Janae visits the nursing home because she cares about the feelings of the people living there. This demonstrates:postconventional morality.preconventional morality.Preconventional morality is moral decision making driven by the potential rewards and punishments of the decision.Emerging adulthood is described as:a recently proposed developmental stage during which the person gradually moves from adolescence to adulthood._____ has the challenge of generativity versus stagnation.Middle adulthoodIn Erikson's psychosocial stages, preschool is ages:3 to 5 years.In adolescence, girls tend to be diagnosed more often with:internalizing disorders.Preschoolers are in what stage of psychosocial development?initiative versus guiltDuring adolescence Erickson believes children try to answer the fundamental question, Who am I? This means they are working through which crisis?identity versus role confusionDarren is focused on forming a loving, lasting relationship that will provide intimacy and stave off isolation. This is common in:young adulthood.