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Olmec civilizationIn Mexico, 1200 - 800 BCMayan civilizationMexico, 250 - 900 ADInca civilizationPeru (Capital of Cuzco), 1200 - 1500s AD *ruler was direct desendent from sun god*Aztec civilizationMexico - Lake Texcoco (sign from gods), 1325-1519 ADHow did the Inca and Aztec empire fall?They got conquered by the EuropeansHow did the Olmec and Mayan civilization decline?They mysteriously declinedTerracesUsed by Inca civilization - built into mountins for farmingHeiroglyphicsMayan used symbals or pictures to represent things, ideas, and soundTheocracya society ruled by religious leadersInca languageNo written language - used colored ropes and knots4 CornersIdk, just know itMound buildersMississippians made mounds and buried bodies and artifacts in- also made designsCahokiaoldest city in North AmericansPueblosbuilt stone dwellingsNorthern PeoplesHad cold weather survival skills and hunted and fishedWestern PeoplesDepended on the forests, rivers, and sea for food and resourcesSouthwest peopleBuilt homes from Adobe, they were hunter and gathers and moved to farmingPlains peoplesHunted, lived in teepees, and didn't have horsesEastern PeoplesShared languages and formed confederations (woodlands area)Southeastern PeoplesFarmers with spread out settlements