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Safe Driving Course - Unit 5

What are the 3 basic types of signs?
regulatory, warning (yellow) and guide
What colors are destination and mileage signs? road service signs? signs that direct you to recreational areas? exit signs? interstate signs?
destination and mileage signs (green), roadside service signs (blue), and signs that direct you to recreational areas (brown)/ exit signs (green) and interstate signs (red, white and blue shields)
What is the most dangerous time to enter an intersection?
immediately after the light has turned green, this is when other drivers accelerate to "beat the yellow light."
Why should you not travel in the direction of a yellow arrow that is a lane control signal?
It is telling you that your path will soon have oncoming traffic.
What does a yellow X mean? flashing yellow X?
the lane is about to switch directions and oncoming traffic will soon head your way; if flashing you can use the lane to make left turns only for a short period of time
What do yellow lines separate? white lines?
yellow lines separate traffic traveling in opposite directions and white lines separate traffic traveling in the same direction
What do slanted stripes indicate?
where vehicles should not change lanes
What are short white markings that define your turn lane through intersections?
skip strips
What does it mean if you see a message board with an amber colored dot flashing at each corner?
the shoulder is closed
What is the purpose of lines representing a sidewalk added to the new fluorescent yellow-green diamond-shaped sign or the five-sided sign shaped like a house?
warn drivers of a pedestrian or school crossing
What are carpool lanes called? What do they look like?
diamond lanes or High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV); they have a large white diamond in the middle of the traffic lane; you can use it if you have 2 or more people in your car (some states may let a motorcycle or alternate fuel vehicle use them as well); they may have time restrictions and tolls
What color and shape are temporary work zone signs?
orange and diamond-shaped
In 2008, over ___ persons lost their lives in construction crashes.
Failure to follow all applicable traffic safety rules in a construction zone will result in a fine up to ___.
For route numbering what is the primary route number? What kind of numbers do east-west routes have? north-south?
single or double digit #; even #'s; odd #'s
What color sign is one for motorist services guidance?
What color sign is used for incident management?
fluorescent pink
What color sign shows directional guidance and indicates movement is permitted?
What color sign shows recreational and cultural-interest guidance?
What should you do if you see brake lights in a traffic jam ahead, how do you signal to drivers behind?
slightly tap on your brakes
At night how do you signal that you are going to pass someone?
flash your high beams if you are behind them
What should you do when approaching a blind curve to warn others that cannot see you coming?
What arm signal do you use to signal going right? left? slow or stop?
right - extend your left arm out and bend it up at the elbow/ left - extend your left arm straight out to the left, at shoulder height/ slow or stop - extend your left arm down to the left side of your vehicle
Single-vehicle crashes account for more than __ percent of all motor-vehicle occupant fatalities. However, most collisions occur when two or more objects try to occupy the same space at the same time.
When two vehicles approach or enter an intersection from different highways at approximately the same time, the driver on the ___ shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the ___.
left; right
You must yield to any emergency vehicle that is using its siren and flashing lights. Failure to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle will result in a ___. It is also illegal to follow any fire department vehicle that is responding to an alarm at a distance closer than 500 feet, or to drive into or park your vehicle within a block of where the fire department vehicle has stopped in answer to a fire alarm
Class 1 misdemeanor
A vehicle with lighted headlights in a funeral procession has the right-of-way at an intersection and may proceed through the intersection if the procession is headed by a lead or funeral escort vehicle displaying flashing red and blue lights, unless ...
the right-of-way is required by an emergency vehicle giving an audible signal
Over __% of the vehicles involved in fatal crashes in 2008 were passenger cars or light trucks - including pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles. Light trucks are the most popular vehicles on American roads today.
On average, pickups and SUVs need between __ to __% more distance to stop than passenger cars traveling at highway speeds.
10 to 20% more
According to NHTSA, in 2008, large vehicles including single-unit trucks and semi-trucks (18 wheelers) weighing more than 10,000 pounds accounted for approximately __% of the vehicles in fatal crashes.
Where do riders of large vehicles have bad visibility?
to the sides and to the rear
What should you never do when a truck is turning?
DO NOT pass on the right; you can cause a collision; they need a lot of room and they may have to start turning to the left and then go right and they may not clear a curb
What are blind spots around large vehicles called?
no-zones since they are dangerous to occupy and it is not recommended
If a truck has a long and broad hood, the driver may also have restricted vision up to 20 feet beyond his or her front bumper. Long semi-trucks can have a blind spot of up to ___ feet behind the truck.
200 feet
True or False. In Virginia, you have to stop on a divided road if you are not going the same direction as the school bus
False; you do not have to stop, but be aware that it may be required in other states
Children under the age of __ are particularly apt to dart into the street without stopping or looking. In many subdivisions, the problem is compounded by the absence of sidewalks.
To overcome driving dangers associated with young children, it is important that you develop proper visual habits, particularly ___ ___: searching for movement or shadows under and around parked vehicles.
ground viewing
What is one way you can look for a motorcyle?
look for the headlight; it is the law that it must always be on (you may also hear it first)
Each year, collisions with wild animals kill approximately ___ people and injure thousands more.
It is estimated that ___ ___ deer alone are killed annually in the U.S. by motor vehicles.
1.5 million
If you injure a domestic or farm animal on the road, contact the animal's owner. If you are unable to contact the owner, contact an inspector from The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) or a police officer no more than ___ hours after the collision.