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  1. polytonality
  2. rock
  3. chorus
  4. New Orleans Jazz
  5. computer music
  1. a the generic term for the various, more sophisticated styles that emerged from rock 'n' roll after The Beatles
  2. b a full statement of the tune around which the performers improvise
  3. c the simultaneous sounding of two keys or tonalities
  4. d an early style of jazz that emphasized improvisation by a small group of soloists (cornet, clarinet, and trombone) and a rhythm section
  5. e the most recent development in electronic music, it couples the computer with the electronic synthesizer to imitate the sounds of acoustical instruments as well as produce new sounds

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  1. Violin played without much vibrato
  2. when all of the lines or parts move in the same direction, and at the same intervals, for a period of time; the opposite of counterpoint
  3. A four-string plucked instrument of African-American origin
  4. music in which the smallest interval is not the chromatic half step (as on the piano), but half of half a step
  5. music that involves an element of chance (rolling dice, choosing cards, etc.) or whimsy on the part of the performers, especially popular with avant-garde composers

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  1. musique concretethe three notes in African-American folk music that are typically altered for expressive purposes


  2. country musicRepertoire of songs for solo singer, male or female, with lyrics treating the subject of love and life's disappointments, and accompanied primarily by one or more guitars


  3. polychordtwo or more rhythms sounding simultaneously


  4. cool jazza style of jazz that emerged in the 1950s that is softer, more relaxed, and less frenzied than bebop


  5. whole-tone scalea seven-note scale in which the third, fifth, and seventh pitches are sometimes flat, sometimes natural, and sometimes in between