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  1. ragtime
  2. swing
  3. Tin Pan Alley
  4. country music
  5. cool jazz
  1. a a style of jazz that emerged in the 1950s that is softer, more relaxed, and less frenzied than bebop
  2. b an early type of jazz emerging in the 1890s and characterized by a steady bass and a syncopated, jazzy treble
  3. c the area near Broadway and West 28th Street in New York where numerous music stores were located; the song pluggers in this neighborhood were so noisy that they sounded like a crowd banging on tin pans
  4. d Repertoire of songs for solo singer, male or female, with lyrics treating the subject of love and life's disappointments, and accompanied primarily by one or more guitars
  5. e a mellow, bouncy, flowing style of jazz that originated in the 1930s

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  1. music that involves an element of chance (rolling dice, choosing cards, etc.) or whimsy on the part of the performers, especially popular with avant-garde composers
  2. a style of early rock 'n' roll ca. 1950 characterized by a pounding quadruple meter and a raw, growling style of singing, all set within a twelve-bar blues harmony
  3. German-Austrian style that sought to express the innermost feelings, anxieties, and fears that an object generated in the artist
  4. music originating from rural communities and passed from generation to generation by oral tradition rather than written notation
  5. Violin played without much vibrato

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  1. bebopa complex, hard-driving style of jazz that emerged shortly after World War II; it is played without musical notation by a small ensemble


  2. musique concretethe three notes in African-American folk music that are typically altered for expressive purposes


  3. electronic musicmusic without tonality, music without a key center; most often associated with the twentieth-century avant-garde style of Arnold Schoenberg


  4. synthesizertwo or more meters sounding simultaneously


  5. polychordthe stacking of one triad or seventh chord on another so they sound simultaneously