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  1. tone cluster
  2. country music
  3. quarter tone music
  4. rhythm section
  5. electronic music
  1. a the section within a jazz band, usually consisting of drums, double bass, piano, banjo, and/or guitar, that establishes the harmony and rhythm
  2. b Repertoire of songs for solo singer, male or female, with lyrics treating the subject of love and life's disappointments, and accompanied primarily by one or more guitars
  3. c sounds produced and manipulated by magnetic tape machines, synthesizers, and/or computers
  4. d a dissonant sounding of several pitches, each only a half step away from the other, in a densely packed chord
  5. e music in which the smallest interval is not the chromatic half step (as on the piano), but half of half a step

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  1. an early style of jazz that emphasized improvisation by a small group of soloists (cornet, clarinet, and trombone) and a rhythm section
  2. the stacking of one triad or seventh chord on another so they sound simultaneously
  3. musical effects that seek to convey the impressions of distant places by drawing on sounds from outside the traditional Western European musical experience, such as non-Western scales, harmonies, folk rhythms, or instruments
  4. two or more rhythms sounding simultaneously
  5. A four-string plucked instrument of African-American origin

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  1. song pluggera salesman who sold (plugged) songs by singing and playing them in a local music store


  2. Symbolistsextracting a small portion of pre-recorded music and then mechanically repeating it over and over as a musical backdrop to the text of a rap song


  3. ragtimeViolin played without much vibrato


  4. ImpressionismGerman-Austrian style that sought to express the innermost feelings, anxieties, and fears that an object generated in the artist


  5. chorusa full statement of the tune around which the performers improvise