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  1. twelve-tone composition
  2. tone cluster
  3. rock 'n' roll
  4. ragtime
  5. polyrhythm
  1. a a method of composing music devised by Arnold Schoenberg that has each of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale sound in a fixed, regularly recurring order
  2. b an early type of jazz emerging in the 1890s and characterized by a steady bass and a syncopated, jazzy treble
  3. c a term used to describe the adaptation of rhythm and blues to a northern, urban, and white audience
  4. d a dissonant sounding of several pitches, each only a half step away from the other, in a densely packed chord
  5. e two or more rhythms sounding simultaneously

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  1. the most recent development in electronic music, it couples the computer with the electronic synthesizer to imitate the sounds of acoustical instruments as well as produce new sounds
  2. music in which the composer works directly with sounds recorded on magnetic tape, not with musical notation and performers
  3. a six-note scale in which each pitch is a whole tone away from the next
  4. a full statement of the tune around which the performers improvise
  5. French poets whose aesthetic aims emphasized the sound of a word rather than its literal meaning

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  1. folk musicmusic originating from rural communities and passed from generation to generation by oral tradition rather than written notation


  2. ExpressionismGerman-Austrian style that sought to express the innermost feelings, anxieties, and fears that an object generated in the artist


  3. polymeterthe stacking of one triad or seventh chord on another so they sound simultaneously


  4. jazzA four-string plucked instrument of African-American origin


  5. electronic musicmusic without tonality, music without a key center; most often associated with the twentieth-century avant-garde style of Arnold Schoenberg