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  1. electronic music
  2. chorus
  3. twelve-tone composition
  4. serial music
  5. New Orleans Jazz
  1. a music in which some important component—pitch, dynamics, rhythm—comes in a continually repeating series
  2. b a method of composing music devised by Arnold Schoenberg that has each of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale sound in a fixed, regularly recurring order
  3. c sounds produced and manipulated by magnetic tape machines, synthesizers, and/or computers
  4. d an early style of jazz that emphasized improvisation by a small group of soloists (cornet, clarinet, and trombone) and a rhythm section
  5. e a full statement of the tune around which the performers improvise

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  1. extracting a small portion of pre-recorded music and then mechanically repeating it over and over as a musical backdrop to the text of a rap song
  2. a machine that has the capacity to produce, transform, and combine electronic sounds
  3. music without tonality, music without a key center; most often associated with the twentieth-century avant-garde style of Arnold Schoenberg
  4. Violin played without much vibrato
  5. when all of the lines or parts move in the same direction, and at the same intervals, for a period of time; the opposite of counterpoint

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  1. bluesa complex, hard-driving style of jazz that emerged shortly after World War II; it is played without musical notation by a small ensemble


  2. Tin Pan Alleya mid-to large-size dance band that emerged in the 1930s to play the style of jazz called swing


  3. song pluggera salesman who sold (plugged) songs by singing and playing them in a local music store


  4. rhythm sectionthe section within a jazz band, usually consisting of drums, double bass, piano, banjo, and/or guitar, that establishes the harmony and rhythm


  5. polymetertwo or more meters sounding simultaneously