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1. Imitation between voices
2. Bass register introduced, expanding pitch range to over 4 octaves
3. Scalic melodies
4. Few large leaps
5. Singable
6. Mild and relaxed due to stable and consonant chords: triads favoured over dissonances
7. Melodic linse independent


1. Bass register: fuller and richer harmonies


1. Gentle flow
2. Not sharply defined beat
3. Rhythmic independence
4. Secular music more clearly defined beat


1. Polyphonic: parts of equal importance
2. Imitation among voices
3. Homophonic: dance music, lighter
4. Variety in texture for contrast

Tone colour

1. Pure voices with little vibrato
2. Harpsichord, Organ and Regal
3. Strings: Viols, Lute, Harp
4. Winds: Shawm, Recorder, Sackbut
5. Brass: Trumpet, Cornett
6. Doubling: instruments doubling vocals


1. Sacred vocal music: Mass
2. Secular vocal music: Madrigal/Motet
3. Instrumental Dance music


Little change

Context and composers

Morley- Ballet "Now is the month of maying"

Palestrina - Sacred, vocal mass "Kyrie from Pope Marcellus Mass"

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