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1. Short, balanced 4 bar phrases
2. 2 or more contrasting themes in a movement
3. Predictable and simple
4. Symmetrical
5. No improvisation


1. Major/Minor tonalities
2. Contrast of tonic/dominant keys
3. Modulation
4. Strong tonal centre
5. Harmonic stability


1. Clearly defined and regular
2. Many rhythmic patterns
3. Sudden and gradual shifts in note lengths
4. Unexpected pauses
5. Syncopation


1. Frequently homophonic
2. Some shifts between homophonic and polyphonic

Tone Colour

1. Fortepiano replaces harpsichord
2. String quartet
3. Classical orchestra: "Noah's ark"
4. Variety and rapid changes
5. Contrast between brass, woodwind and string sections


1. Several movements contrasting in character and tempo
2. Often fast, slow, dance-related, fast
3. Symphony (4 mvmnts)
4. Sonata (2-4 mvmnts)
5. String quartet
6. Ternary form
7. Theme and variations
8. Minuet and trio
9. Rondo form


1. Common use of gradual change - cresc. and dim.
2. Little use of terraced dynamics

Context and composers

1. Mozart
2. Beethoven
3. Haydn

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