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orderly structure of cells in an organism; a characteristic of all living things

cellular composition

The characteristic of life that states that living matter is always compartmentalized into one or more cells.


the combination of chemical reactions through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials as it carries out its life processes


The process of bulidng complex structures out of simpler precursors, e.g. synthesizing protiens from amino acids.


Process of breaking down complex materials (foods) to form simpler substances and release energy


Required for metabolism ;elimination of wastes from the body (urine, carbon dioxide, sweat)


a change in an organism's environment that affects the activity of the organism(Ex:Lights,sounds,taste,chemical, gravity,or darkness)


a tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state; the regulation of any aspect of body chemistry, such as blood glucose, around a particular level


all of the changes that take place during the life of an organism; a characteristic of all living things.


the process in which the structure and function of the parts of an organism change to enable specialization of those parts


generation-to-generation change in the proportion of different inherited genes in a population that account for all of the changes that have transformed life over an immense time


change in a DNA sequence that affects genetic information

legally dead

No brain waves for 24 hours, no reflexes, no respiration, no heartbeat without life support

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