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Major vocabulary terms you need to know about maps.


indicates the subject of the map and the information it contains

compass rose

shows you north (N), south (S), east (E), and west (W). Sometimes it will only show you north.


compares a unit of length on the map and a unit of distance on Earth


words or phrases that name features on the map

legend or key

lists and explains the symbols and colors used on the map


show a variety of information on the map- the legend tells you what the colors mean

latitude lines

imaginary lines that show distances north or south of the equator


also called lines of latitude are imaginary lines that show distances north or south of the equator


a latitude line that circles Earth half way between the north pole and the south pole

Prime Meridian

a longitude line that runs from the north pole to the south pole through Greenwich, England. It marks 0 degrees longitude

political map

shows features that humans have created on Earth's surface(cities, states, provinces, territories, and countries)

physical map

helps you see the landforms and bodies of water in specific areas

thematic map

focuses on specific ideas such as climate, types of vegetation, natural resources, population densities and economic activities

Arctic Circle

latitude line at about 66 degrees N

Tropic of Cancer

latitude line at about 23 degrees N

Tropic of Capricorn

latitude line at about 23 degrees S


may stand for capital cities, economic activities, or natural resources

Antarctic Circle

latitude line at about 66 degrees S


another name for longitude lines


another name for latitude lines

International Date Line

a longitude line at 180degrees, where the date changes when you cross it


unit of measurement on a map

northern hemisphere

half the Earth north of the Equator

southern hemisphere

half the Earth south of the Equator

western hemisphere

half the Earth west of the Prime Meridian

eastern hemisphere

half the Earth east of the Prime Meridian.

lines of longitude

imaginary lines that show distances east or west of the Prime Meridian

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