TOEFL Unit 6: Education -Sentences

"If a business or bank can't bring in .... from the private sector than they should go bankrupt and the government should help people afterwards."
Medicare has three major ..... Part A pays for hospital and other inpatient services. Part B pays doctors' fees and other fees for outpatient tests and procedures. Part D is the prescription-drug benefit.
All images are accurate and have not been .... in any way except for enlarging them.
But under certain ...., it can also be an indication that a leader isn't prepared to come to grips with a grim situation as well as having lost touch with political reality.
Gurley, who is now retired from UBS, declined to .... on the debt sales when reached by telephone.
A council has been ordered to pay .... for "serious" failings over a 14-year-old boy left to live with his mother and her mentally ill violent partner.
Companies have made .... progress in cutting back on leverage, debt:equity ratios are at their lowest levels in five years and four out of ten companies managed to pay down their debt in the last year
This is an unreasonable, unfair and unnecessary .... on business. It would essentially dictate to an employer what his work force would be.
We have every reason to believe that the economic situation isn't getting better; ...., it's unlikely that the number of folks receiving food assistance won't go down at all," said Jeremy Rosen, Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.
Euro-area institutions need to do whatever is necessary to .... financial stability in the euro area, as I am sure they will.
Israel has been working with the United States to develop a new .... to restart peace negotiations with the Palestinians.
One of the more striking features of the current transition is the extraordinary .... and dynamism of Egypt's burgeoning political landscape.
Apes take over as the .... species in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes."
But he requested New Delhi to treat Tibet as a .... issue between India and China.
Today's teens and college students are what researchers call "digital natives," a generation in .... contact with their peers via the Internet and Facebook.
As two new area restaurants ...., the changing demographic brings with it more eating options for our already big American appetites.
While I .... thought was what a pointless assignment this was, I now take back those words.
No matter what the .... of today's recall election, nothing substantive will change in Wisconsin.
He asserted that the quest for gender equality and empowerment was critical for the success of the .... process.