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Acetylationaddition of acetyl groupAcetyl groupCOCH3Phosphataseremoves a phosphate group from a moleculePhosphalaseAdds phosphate group to moleculeKinaseAdds phosphate using ATPSynthaseAdds bonds without ATP Eg LigaseSynthetaseAdds bonds with ATPelectrophilicAldehyde and ketone carbons are _____.Nucleophilic____ functional groups have a partial negative charge and seek positively charged nuclei. They donate electrons and usually "attack" groups with partial positive charges. They are also called Lewis bases.ElectronegativeNucleophilcStrong acidsHCl, HBr, HI, HNO3, H2SO4, HClO4ConjugationAlternating pi bondsIncrease in conjugation meansIncrease absorbance wavelengthIs Nh3 basic or acidicWeak basicIs NH4 Basic or acidicWeakly acidicStrecker synthesisgenerates an amino acid from an aldehydeB amylasecleaves amylose at the nonreducing end of the polymer the end with the acetal to yield maltoseA amylaseCleaves to produce glucoseKey enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesisHMG-CoA reductase