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Who wrote Civil Disobedience?

Henry David Thoreau

When was he jailed? When did he write Civil Disobedience?

jailed in 1844, "CD" written in 1847

Why did HDT advocate using civil disobedience?

he was passive on non-violent acts of political resistance to protest government action

What did HDT beleive should be respected more than law?

knowledge of what is right (conscience)

"we should be men first & subjects afterward"

quote by HDT from civil disobedience

Beleived armies served our country as:

machines, not men who are rational thinkers

Beleived laws should be broken when:

when unjust laws exist and broken by people who know the laws are unjust

"what is once well done is done forever"

quote by Henry David Thoreau from civil disobedience

People against the state go here:


"A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority"

quote by Henry David Thoreau

How did HDT feel about the walls of the prison?

he felt freely confined

"if a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; & so does a man"

summation by Henry David Thoreau

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