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  1. Positive: Localized pain, low back or radiating pain down the leg.

    1) Pain before spinouses close = Possible SI problem

    2) Pain after spinouses close = Possible lumbo-sacral problem

    *W on spinouses and do a Straight Leg Raiser
  2. Positive: Pain in the lumbar region or radiculopathy

    Indicates: Sciatic erve root compression. Helps to rule out tight hamstrings.
  3. Positive:
    Inability to bend at the waist more than 45 degrees, because of either/or:

    1) Radiating pain along Sciatic nerve, either unilateral or bilateral
    Indicates: Sciatic neuralgia or radiculopathy, etc. possibly due to a lumbar disc pathology

    2) Low back pain (lumbar or pelvic regions)
    Indicates: Anterior (rotational) displacement of the Ilium relative to Sacrum
  4. Positive: Pain in the posterior thigh with sudden knee flexion (buckle)

    Indicates: Sciatic Radiculopathy
  5. Positive: Inability to perform test and/or low back pain

    Indicates: Weak abdominal muscles or space occupying lesion

    *YOU RAISE LEGS 2-3 inches)
    Instruct the to hold for 30 SECONDS
  6. Positive: Radiating pain in posterior thigh.

    Indicates: Sciatic Radiculopathy

6 True/False questions

  1. Lasegue TestPositive: Inability to perform test

    Indicates: L5-S1 disc problem (S1 nerve root)


  2. Heel WalkPositive: Inability to perform test

    Indicates: L4-L5 disc problem (L5 nerve root)


  3. Ely's Heel to Buttock Test (Ely's Sign)Positive: Lack of counter-pressure on healthy side

    Indicates: Lack of organic basis for paralysis (Malingering/hysteria). With organic hemiplegia, the patient will still exert downward pressure when attempting to raise paralyzed leg.


  4. Lumbar Spine Soft Tissue PalpationLumbar Spinous Processes

    Sacral Tubercles

    Iliac Crest



  5. Lumbar Spine ROMPositive: Reproduction of Sciatic pain BEFORE 60 DEGREES

    Indicates: Sciatica



  6. Toe WalkPositive: Inability to perform test

    Indicates: L5-S1 disc problem (S1 nerve root)