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illegally taking someones property.

Invasion of privacy

publicizing information that is private.

Unintentional Torts

Negligence, malpractice


a mistake or failure when someone doesn't use reasonable care.


professional negligence

Expert witness

Explains what is reasonable.


agreement that is enforceable in court. Has to be volutary by both partys. Has to have competence (mental ability to make desicions. Sometimes in writing. Needs consideration or something of value on both sides.


breaks contract or fails to fulfill obligation

implied contract

conduct or actions show intent

Criminal law

how one persons actions hurt society.


a crime punishable by more then one year in jail.


Fine or up to 1 year in jail

Burden of Proof

person starting the lawsuit (plantiff)


division of government power between the federal and state government

Checks and Balances

procedures to prevent one branch of government from taking too much power.


organizes US government limits what government can do.


government does something it is not allowed to do under constitution.


law created by legislative branch


applys to town/city law, zoning


laws created by agencies (group created by legislative branch to make laws about a specific topic.

Case Law

laws created by judges

Civil Law

how individuals act toward each other.

Criminal Law

how individuals act toward society


personal injury

Intentional tort

when a person has been intentionally injured by another


threat of harm


unconsented touching

false imprisonment

unlawful restraint

Defamation of Charactor

hurting someones reputation or lying


Deceitful practice that deprives another person of their rights.

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