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a figurative comparison


a figurative comparison that makes use of "like" or "as"


giving human traits to non-human things

pathetic fallacy

using the weather to mimic a character's emotions


intended exaggeration


to refer to something or someone by naming a thing closely associated with it


using part of something to represent the whole thing


using one sense to describe the perceptions of another


to affirm something by negating the opposite


a metaphor or simile that explains why the comparison is true


to intenionally minimize a comment


an extended metaphor


a reference to another piece of literature or art or culture

verbal irony

to say the opposite of what is meant

situational irony

a twist in the plot unexpected by the reader

cosmic irony

when the universe seems to conspire against a character

dramatic irony

when the reader knows more than the character does


to address the dead as if living or the absent as if present

eternizing conceit

the claim that if a poet write about someone, he makes that person immortal

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