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which groups faught aganst each other?

Texan and Mexican Troops.

Why did they fight?

Mexican leaders wanted to rid texas of Anglo Americans and tejano rebels, and Texans wanted independence from the Mexican centralist goverment.

Where was the battle fought?

At the Alamo the former mission that had been turned into a fort in San Antonio.

who were the military officers or leaders involved in the battle?

Genaral Lopez De Santa Anna ,Colonel James Bowie, Lieutenant colonel william B.Travis, David Crockett.

How did the battle end?

Santa Anna's troops defeated the Alamo defenders.

What happend after the battle?

Survivors warned other Texans about Santa Anna's approach.

James Walker Fannin

a colonel in texas army;he commanded a force near Goliad;he and his troops were presidio La Bahla ready to defend the Atascositio road.

Antonia Lopez De Santa Anna

wanted to reestablish texas under Mexican control;wanted to rid Texas of of Anglo American and Tejano rebels;he led Mexican troops to San Antonio to seek revenge for the previous defeat in San Antonio;defeted the Alamo defenders.

William Barret Travis

Recruited defenders to fight at the Alamo;commanded forces at the Alamo.

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