Module 14

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Mary Alice has been asked to help develop an outline of procedures to be followed in the event of a major IT incident or an incident that directly impacts IT. What type of planning is this?
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What device is always running off its battery while the main power runs the battery charger?Online UPSWhich type of site is essentially a duplicate of the production site and has all the equipment needed for an organization to continue running?Hot siteWhich of the following can a UPS NOT perform? A. Prevent certain applications from launching that will consume too much power B. Disconnect users and shut down the server C. Prevent any new users from logging on D. Notify all users that they must finish their work immediately and log offA. Prevent certain applications from launching that will consume too much powerWhat is a definition of RPO?The maximum length of time that an organization can tolerate between back upsWhat does an incremental backup do?Copies all files changed since the last full or incremental backupMolly needs to access a setting in Microsoft Windows Group Policy to change the type of a network to which a computer is attached. Which setting must Molly change?Network locationThea has received a security alert that someone in London attempted to access the email account of Sigrid, who had accessed it in Los Angeles one hour before. What feature determined an issue and send this alert to Thea?Impossible TravelWhich of the following is NOT used to identify or enforce what mobile devices can do based on the location of the device? A. Geo-spatial B. Geolocation C. Geo-tagging D. GeofencingA. Geo-spatialMargaux is reviewing the corporate policy that stipulates the processes to be followed for implementing system changes. Which policy is she reviewing?Change control policyWhich commercial data classification level would be applied to a data set of the number of current employees at an organization and would only cause a small amount of harm if disclosed?Public