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L3: "How long" questions (Past/Present Perfect)

Make questions using 'how long' and either the past or present perfect.

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How long did he live there?
He lived in Japan.
How long did she work there?
She worked in Germany.
How long has she lived there?
She lives in Concord.
How long were they married?
They used to be married.
How long did they study it?
They studied French.
How long have they been divorced.
They are divorced.
How long did he play?
He used to play tennis.
How long has he worked there?
He works at IEC.
How long did you study there?
We studied at IEC.
How long did you work there?
I worked at Google.
How long did you live there?
I used to live in San Francisco.
How long has she played.
She plays the guitar.
How long has he been married?
He is married.
How long have you lived there?
I live in Pleasant Hill.
How long have you been students there?
We are students at IEC.
How long has she studied English?
She studies English.