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what odd thing did anne have to do the morning her family went into hiding

they had to put as many layers of clothes on as they could so they wouldnt look suspicious walking down the street with suitcases

what are the ration books

the books that kept track of what they bought each month to control how much they got

What is the black market?

illegal buying of items

What is the white market?

what the Franks called the black market

why did the franks call the white market a black market?

the franks called it a white market because they felt that even though what they were doing is illegal they felt that they were doing it for good and not for something illegal

Who is the main person that brings them food each day?


When they are in hiding what do they have to do with their trash

they have to burn it so it doesnt take up space and smell

what is the w.c

the bathroom

what is the name of peters cat?


What would happen to Meip and mr. Kraler if the nazis found out that they were hiding jews

they would get killed or sent to jail

How does mr. frank tell anne to act toward the van daans?

as polite as possible, to mind her own bussiness, and not to talk back.

What occupation does mr. dussel have?

he is a dentist

What does anne give margot on hanukkah?

a poem

what does anne give mrs van dann on hanukkah?


what did anne give mr van daan on hanukkah?


What did anne give mrs frank on hanukkah?

a poem/speech

What did anne give mr frank on hanukkah?

a muffler

What did anne give mouschi on hanukkah?

a ball of paper with a piece of string attached

What did anne give peter on hanukkah?

a razor

What did anne give mr dussel


what is wrong with mr kraler


what happened to the people that were selling meip the food with the fake ration books?

they got arrested

What was the real date of the last entry in annes diary?

August 4th

what reallly happened on the day they were discovered?

the day was quiet no one heard a sound and then the getapo broke into their annnex and captured them

What did anne name her diary


what was albert dussels (mr. dussels) real name?

It was mr. Phipher

What were the real names of the Van Daan's?

van pels

who were the people that helped the franks and th eother people living in the secret annex?

Mr. koophius, Mr. Kraler, Meip, and eli

Who is the man that gave their hiding place away?


What was the first destination of the people of the secret annex?


True or false: was anne happy when she got to the concentration camp


After their first destination after the secret annex what was next?


the franks made a meeting place for them all to go if they survied. Where was it

in switzerland

Where did mrs.frank die?


what did mrs. frank die of?

she died of malnutrition

After auschwitz Anne, Margot, and Mrs.Van Daan were shipped to


Who threw food to anne over the fence

her childhood friend

the first time her friend threw anne food why was she crying?

she was crying because another hungry woman caught it instead of her

what disease did Anne, Margo, and mrs. Van Daan die of?


How long after annes death was the bergen-belsen liberated

three weeks

who was caught steeling bread?

mr. Van Daan

who was annes childhood friend that threw her food?


After she cried she stopped crying because she relized

it was beyond the realm of tears

The country witht the highest percentage of jewish people killed is?


when germany was defeted in WW1 they were forced to sign the

treaty of versailles

what of germany was hitler elected?


who was the leader of the Nazi party and dictator of germany?


When WW2 began Germany invaded.....


when did WW2 begin?


When did WW2 end?


What were the first 3 concentration camps opened?

Duchau, buckenwald, and Orarienburg

What was also known as "night of the broken glass"?


a fire that causes total destruction


What is the name of the largest extermination/death camp?


Hitler called the Wannasee Conference to debate what he called the ....... which means....

1. the final soulution of the Jewish question.... 2. the conformation of the killing of jews

the Holocaust warns us about ____________ against any group can lead to distaster.


War related deaths are


what is the name of the killing of an entire racial or cultural group


___million people died in the war


how many jew died in the war?


what were other people killed in the war besides jews?

russians, poles, czechs, slavs, and gypsies

how old was anne when her family went into hiding


what did anne beleive about people at heart (her quote)

"in spite of everything i still beleive that people are really good at heart"

what is a person that is blamed for another persons mistakes or crimes


when was anne born?

june 12, 1929

Laws that stripped the jews of their rights


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