12 terms

L1: Simple past +/-/?

Use the key words to make sentences.

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He went to SF yesterday.
+ he go SF yesterday
Did she go to SF yesterday?
? she go SF yesterday
We didn't go to SF yesterday.
- We go SF yesterday
They played tennis two days ago.
+ They play tennis two days ago
I didn't play soccer after school.
- I play soccer after school
Did you watch a movie last weekend?
? you watch movie last weekend
Did they go shopping last Saturday?
? they go shopping last Saturday
They didn't study last night.
- they study last night
We watched TV yesterday after school.
+ we watch TV yesterday after school
We studied before the test.
+ we study before the test
Did you go out to eat last night?
? you go out to eat last night
She didn't go bowing yesterday.
- she go bowling yesterday