12 terms

L1: Going to +/-/? (Future Plans)

Use the key words to make sentences about future plans (= the person decided before!).

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+ she study tonight
She is going to study tonight.
- he study tonight
He isn't going to study tonight.
? he drink tonight
Is he going to drink tonight?
- they watch movie tomorrow
They aren't going to watch a movie tomorrow.
? you go to SF Saturday
Are you going to go to SF on Saturday?
- he be here 4pm
He isn't going to be here at 4pm.
+ I be there 3 days
I going to be there in three days.
+ they study together tomorrow night
They are going to study together tomorrow night.
? they go back Korea next week
Are they going to go back to Korea next week?
- I go party Saturday
I'm not going to go to the party on Saturday.
- you be late tomorrow
You aren't going to be late tomorrow.
+ we absent Tuesday
We are going to be absent on Tuesday.