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  1. pulse deficit
  2. murmur
  3. integument
  4. tachypnea
  5. flexion posture
  1. a difference between the apical and radial pulse
  2. b increased or rapid breathing
  3. c periodic sound of short duration of cardiac or vascular origin
  4. d internal ratation and adduction of the arms with flexion of the elbows, wrists, and fingers resulting from neurologic injury and interruption of voluntary motor tracts; extension of the legs may also be seen. Formerly called decorticate posture
  5. e skin covering the body

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  1. test for blood in the stool
  2. tapping
  3. increased curve in the thoracic area
  4. fluid in the tissues
  5. fever

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  1. Kussmaul's respirationsincreased rate and depth with panting and long, grunting exhalation


  2. pigmentationdeposition of coloring matter in the skin


  3. bronchovesicular soundssounds heard during the taking of a BP reading with a sphygmomanometer


  4. fissurenarrow slit


  5. wheezewhistling sound of air forced past a partial obstruction as found in asthma or emphysema