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  1. edema
  2. stridor
  3. Kussmaul's respirations
  4. pigmentation
  5. apnea
  1. a absense of breathing
  2. b increased rate and depth with panting and long, grunting exhalation
  3. c crowing sound on inspiration caused by obstruction of the upper air passages as occurs in croup or laryngitis
  4. d deposition of coloring matter in the skin
  5. e fluid in the tissues

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  1. condition of ciculatory failure
  2. composed of serum and blood
  3. increase in the rate and depth of respiration and carbon dioxide is expelled
  4. decreased levels of oxygen in the blood
  5. bluish discoloration

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  1. bradycardiaindicates a slow pulse that is less than 60 beats per minute


  2. hyperthermiaabove normal body temperature


  3. diastolic pressurelower pressure exerted on the artery when the heart is at rest between contraction


  4. bruitabrupt decline in fever


  5. hypoventilationdeposition of coloring matter in the skin