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  1. turgor
  2. cognitive
  3. vital signs
  4. hypoventilation
  5. ecchymosis
  1. a temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain level
  2. b decrease in the rate and depth of respiration
  3. c elasticity
  4. d relating to the mental process of knowing, remembering, relating, connected thinking
  5. e blue or purplish patch on the skin or mucous membrane that is not elevated, bruising

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  1. above normal body temperature
  2. the temperature of the deep tissues of the body
  3. a test of bone conduction of sound performed with a tuning fork placed in the center of the forehead of the skull
  4. lower pressure exerted on the artery when the heart is at rest between contraction
  5. bodily injury caused by physical means with disruption of the skin or other structure

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  1. adventitious soundsabnormal lung sounds


  2. cracklesabnormal, nonmusical sound heard on auscultation of the lungs during inspiration, also called rales


  3. apneaabsense of breathing


  4. stertorsnoring sound produced when patients are unable to cough up secretions from the trachea or bronchi


  5. sigmoidoscopyan examination of the sigmoid colon using a lighted instrument