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  1. hypoventilation
  2. adventitious sounds
  3. metabolism
  4. oximeter
  5. speculum
  1. a decrease in the rate and depth of respiration
  2. b mucous secretions of the lungs ejected through the mouth
  3. c cellular chemical reactions in the body
  4. d machine that measures oxygen in the blood
  5. e abnormal lung sounds

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  1. device used to directly measure blood pressure
  2. bodily injury caused by physical means with disruption of the skin or other structure
  3. condition of ciculatory failure
  4. abnormal sound heard on auscultation, a kind of swishing sound
  5. a mark remaining after the healing of a wound

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  1. patentfreely open


  2. tuning forka forked metal instrument used to test hearing and the sense of vibration


  3. pallorbathing, dressing, grooming, cleansing teeth, shaving, toileting


  4. rhonchicondition of ciculatory failure


  5. ascitesabnormal accumulation of serous fuild within the perinoeal cavity