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  1. tachycardia
  2. respiration
  3. nystagmus
  4. cognitive
  5. pyrexia
  1. a exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs and tissue
  2. b relating to the mental process of knowing, remembering, relating, connected thinking
  3. c jerky movements
  4. d fever
  5. e pulse greater than 100 beats per minute

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  1. systolic and diastolic pressure
  2. examination of the rectum with a lighted instrument
  3. a sensation of rotation or whirling movement; dizziness
  4. substances that cause fever
  5. slow and shallow breathing

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  1. arrhythmiastate of insufficient oxygen


  2. diastolic pressuremaximum pressure exerted on the artery during left ventricular contraction


  3. ophthalmoscopean examination of the sigmoid colon using a lighted instrument


  4. Biot's respirationsshallow for two or three breaths with a period of apnea


  5. auscultatory gaphearing