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  1. rhonchi
  2. wheeze
  3. percussion
  4. orientation
  5. ecchymosis
  1. a blue or purplish patch on the skin or mucous membrane that is not elevated, bruising
  2. b tapping
  3. c continuous dry, rattling sounds heard on auscultation of the lungs caused by partial obstruction
  4. d awareness of one's invironment with reference to place, time, and people
  5. e whistling sound of air forced past a partial obstruction as found in asthma or emphysema

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  1. device used to directly measure blood pressure
  2. increased curve in the thoracic area
  3. above normal body temperature
  4. bloody
  5. pulse greater than 100 beats per minute

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  1. Korotkoff soundssounds heard during the taking of a BP reading with a sphygmomanometer


  2. weber testa test of bone conduction of sound performed with a tuning fork placed in the center of the forehead of the skull


  3. extension posturearms are stiffly extended, adducted, and hyperpronated with hyperextension of the legs and plantar flexion of the feet; indicates disruption of the motor fibers in the midbrain and brainstem;formerly called decerebrate posture


  4. bradypneaabsense of breathing


  5. tuning forkelasticity