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  1. apnea
  2. tachycardia
  3. pallor
  4. percussion
  5. Biot's respirations
  1. a shallow for two or three breaths with a period of apnea
  2. b paleness of the skin
  3. c absense of breathing
  4. d tapping
  5. e pulse greater than 100 beats per minute

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  1. bluish discoloration
  2. tissue damage or abnormality
  3. a mark remaining after the healing of a wound
  4. pulse rate multiplied by stroke volume
  5. an examination of the sigmoid colon using a lighted instrument

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  1. systolic pressuremaximum pressure exerted on the artery during left ventricular contraction


  2. febrileabnormal sound heard on auscultation, a kind of swishing sound


  3. otoscopenarrow slit


  4. arrhythmiastate of insufficient oxygen


  5. jaundiceyellowness of the skin, sclera, mucous membrane, and excretions resulting from hyperbilirubinemia and deposition of bile pgiments' also called icterus