12 terms

L1: Comparing

Use -er/more adjectives to make sentences about San Francisco and Pleasant Hill.

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PH is hotter than SF.
hot PH > SF
PH is smaller than SF.
small PH > SF
SF is more dangerous than PH.
dangerous SF > PH
SF is more expensive than PH.
expensive SF > PH
SF is colder than PH.
cold SF > PH
SF is more crowded than PH.
crowded SF > PH
SF is foggier than PH.
foggy SF > PH
PH is safer than SF.
safe PH > SF
PH is cheaper than SF.
cheap PH > SF
SF is bigger than PH.
big SF > PH
SF is more interesting than PH.
interesting SF > PH
SF is more fun than PH.
fun SF > PH