Cosmetology (Safety Test)

Follow directions; Wear gloves;
Properly drape client
Protection during application
Proper use and location
First Aid
Extinguisher readily available; Know the location
Fire safety
Follow instructions
Consult client to prevent health hazards, medical conditions, allergies, etc.
Discard all used products and matarials
Clean and apply Antiseptic
1st degree-redness; 2nd degree-wattery blisters; 3rd degree-possible charring of tissue refer to doctor
Identifying a burn
Pull lid down to see if object could be seen; Remove with clean cloth; Flush with water
foreign object in eye
Get fresh air; Recline individual with head slightly lower than body
Call for immediate medical attention; Do not slap or shake; Do not disturbe if they fall into a deep sleep
Works on all class A fires which are common such as wood or fire and class B fires which are electric current
Dry chemical extinguisher
Cuts off oxygen to the fire
Carbon dioxide extinguisher
Inturrupts chain of combustion on a molucular level
Halon extinguisher