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SubductionOccurs where one plate moves under another plate and is pushed down into the mantle, this phenomenon occurs at convergent boundaries involving at least one oceanic plate.Transform boundaryPlate boundary where the Interaction of two plates are sliding past each other; this boundary is often associated with earthquakesDivergent boundaryPlate boundary where two plates are pulling away from each other, and often this boundary is associated with trenches and mid ocean ridgesConvergent boundaryPlate boundary where the interaction of two plates are moving towards each other.hotspotCreates volcanoes in the middle of tectonic plates.Oceanic crustThinner, denser, crust made from intense pressure.Continental crustThicker, less dense crustLaw of Conservation of MatterMatter cannot be created or destroyed but can be transformed.Recyclinga continuous process by which rocks are created, changed from one form to another, destroyed, and then formed again.convergent boundaryAn interaction where 2 continental plates are moving towards each other. The plates crumple and fold, creating tall mountains.seafloor spreadingThe formation of new ocean crust as a result of magma pushing upward and outward from Earth's mantle to the surface.Pangeaterm for the super continent which contained all the plates togetherfaultA break in the earth's crustviscousthick and adhesive, like a slow-flowing fluidInterferometrya technique that can highlight shifts in elevation of volcanoes over timeSeismologistA scientist who studies earthquakesSeismiccaused by or having to do with earthquakestomographyA method that makes 3D images of the inside of a structure of a solid objectphenomenonan observable fact or eventElevationthe height something is raised especially above the ground or seasesimographA device that measures and records shaking within the Earth and ground

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