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List 6 basic rules of body mechanics

1. Keep feet 8-10 inches apart
2. Bend from the hips and knees
3. Keep back straight and get close to the object
4. Use strongest muscles to do the job
5. Use the weight of your body to push or pull an object
6. Carry heavy objects close to the body
7. Avoid twisting your body as you work

If a person is too heavy to lift, what should you do?

Ask for some help

Name three ways to identify a patient

1. Ask him or his relatives
2. Check the name on the door
3. Check his arm band

What are three causes of fire?

1. matches
2. misuse of electricity
3. defects in heating systems

What three things are needed to start a fire?

2. Heat
3. Fuel

What is the most commonly used fire extinguisher?


What are the correct steps in using a fire extinguisher?

1.Pull the pin
2.Aim at the bottom of the fire
3.Squeeze handle
4.Sweep from side to side

If you are a medical professional on the floor, what are the 4 things you remember if a fire breaks out

1.Rescue Pts first
2.Activate alarm
3.Confine fire
4.Extinguish fire if small

What is the difference between a pathogen and a non-pathogen

A pathogen produces disease, a non pathogen does not

Severe sore throat and rheumatic fever are caused by


Wound infections characterized by pus are usually caused by...


TB is caused by...

TB Bacillus

Hepatitis B is caused by...


Hepatitis C is caused by ...


AIDS is caused by...


What is the ideal supplier of all the requirements needed for a m/o to grow

THe human body

When pathogens produce a poison called a...


Diseases that origionate outside the body are known as...


Diseases orginating inside the body are known as...


Diseases that occur when a person's defenses are down are called...


Diseases that occur in a hospital are known as...


The organ where an organism lives is known as the...


Body Fluids and blood that an organism uses to leave the human body from is called a...

portal of exit

Direct and indirect contact are two ways by which organisms are carried. This is known as...

Mode of transmission

When our skin is broken, we eat contaminated food, or breathe in contaminants , m/o are using a _____ __________ to enter our body.

Portal of entry

We become the _______________ when our immune defenses are down and pathogenic m/o enter our body

susceptible host

The first line of defense in the quest to maintain aseptic technique is to make sure we___________________.

Wash hands frequently

What are the three levels of aseptic control?

1. antisepsis
3. Sterilization

Anticeptics are used on ___________


Two examples of anticeptics are...

1. alcohol
2. iodine

Disinfectants are used on ________

equiptment and surfaces

Two examples of disinfectants are...

1. bleach
2. zephirin

What two things are anticeptics and disinfectants not able to kill?

1. spores

A process that destroys all m/o is known as...


The primary type of equiptment used to sterilize items is a...


The smallest m/o visible only under an electron microscope is a ...


Viruses are spread by...

blood and body fluids

A parasitic organism that cannot live outside the cells of another living organism is called...


Rocky Mt spotted fever and typhus are examples of diseases caused by...


Ringworm, thrush, athlete's foot are examples of diseases caused by ...


Malaria is an example of a disease caused by a ....


PPE is the abbreviation for...

Personal Protective equiptment

Name two examples of PPE

1. gloves
2. Mask

Rules which we follow developed by CDC which state that all patients are considered potential sources of infection are known as...

Standard Precautions

Name three different types of supplies used when practicing standard precautions.

1. PPE
2.Biohazard bags
3. Needle boxes

What is the term for tongue?


What is the term for cell?


What is the term for red?


What is the term for slow?


What is the term for vomit?


What is the term for lip?


What is the term for abdomen?


What is the term for puncture?


What is the term for ear?


What is the term for Chest?


What is the term for bladder?


What is the term for equal?


What is the term for ankle?


What is the term for abdominal wall?


What is the term for labor?


What is the term for neck?


What is the term meaning to secrete?


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