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L5: Indirect Speech 'here' and 'now' (Telling stories)

Fill in the blanks with the correct time and place words. The sentence in quotation marks was said one month ago. Note that this comes from "How English Works" (p. 247) by Michael Swan.

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the next day
'I'll see you tomorrow.' --> She said she would see me _____________.
that evening
'I'll phone you this evening.' --> He said he would phone me _____________.
'Do you like it here?' --> She asked if I liked it _____________.
the week before
'My uncle died last week.' --> He told me that his uncle had died _____________.
'This meat tastes funny.' --> She said _____________ meat tasted funny.
that day
'I'm leaving today.' --> He told us he was leaving _____________.
right away
'We need to leave right now.' --> She explained that they needed to leave _____________.
that night
'The train leaves at 11pm tonight.' --> She told him that the train left at 11pm _____________.
the day before
'Peter called me yesterday.' --> She said that Peter had called _____________.