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L3: Passive (Present/Past)

Rewrite the sentences so that they use the passive. Remember that passives are usually used when the subject is not known or is not important in that context.

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iPhones are made in China.
People make iPhones in China.
The house was built in 1908.
Someone built this house in 1908.
The book was written in 1700.
Someone wrote the book in 1700.
These oranges are grown in California.
People grow these oranges in California.
BMWs are made in Germany.
People make BMWs in Germany.
John was arrested (by the police).
The police arrested John.
Spanish is spoken in Mexico.
People speak Spanish in Mexico.
This pot was made many years ago.
Someone made this pot many years ago.
Students are given their schedule on the first day.
Someone gives the students their schedule on the first day.
Students are allowed to leave early.
People allow students to leave early.
These computer were built 50 years ago.
People built these computers 50 years ago.
These stories were told hundreds of years ago.
People told these stories hundreds of years ago.
These stories are told all over the world.
People tell these stories all over the world.
TOEFL essays are graded very quickly.
People grade TOEFL essays very quickly.