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EHR Exam

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Electronic Health Record
the repository for patient medical data created through computer automation in the medical office/clinic
Capable of managing financial transactions, billing of insurance claims and patient statements
Customized predetermined lists of medical data
the category preferences table on spring charts server enables the clinic administrater
Return on Investment
Appointment schedule displays
past, current and future appointments for patients
Office Visit
Electronic Medical Record
No Show
A patient who misses a scheduled appointment without callin in advance to inform the clinic
Imperial Units
Measurement units legally established in Great Britain
Appointment and Patient Tracker
feature defined for all users logged on to the network
when computer data is changed from its original form to be transmitted securely
Graphic user interface
software program screen that can display icons, sub-windows, text fields, and menus
Face Sheet
constant patient information such as allergies, problem list, past medical history
Family Medical History
Practice View Screen
Where most administrative and communicative work is done
Patient Tracker
enables all users across the network to see at a glance the current location and the status of all patients in the clinic
Software with full range of functionalities to store, access, and use patient medical information
Spring Charts
Software used for EMR and EHR
Tracker Archive
records of patients tracked through the patient tracker are stored
Care Tree
List of categories in the patients chart that hold patient encounters, tests, excuse notes, letters, reports, reports and other current records
Routine Meds
Listed in several places in the patients chart
Past Medical History
Patient should be added to the tracker
as soon as the patient arrives in the clinic
International System of Units
Metric Units
Local Area Network
Care Tree
Where chart alerts are located
The preferences window enables the users to
preset the physicians name, the practice name, and preset the schedule
to organize and make transportable a set of basic informatiom about the patients health care that is accesible clinics and patients
Pop text
enables the clinic staff rapid selection of predefined text to complete office visits, letters, reports